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WordPress Toolkit

Bring your website management services to the entirely new level and save hours of your time!

Improve your productivity with WordPress Toolkit:

  • Automatically secure and update multiple WordPress websites at the same time
  • Manage all your WordPress websites from one place, including WordPress installation and removal, cloning that easily creates staging and production environments, and working with websites located on remote servers
  • Test your WordPress website updates using our fully automated AI-powered visual regression testing engine - this additional feature can be purchased here.


WordPress Toolkit helps you to:

  • Install, activate, update, and remove plugins and themes from one place - to improve your productivity
  • Selectively secure WordPress websites - to keep the highest level of security precisely in the way you expect
  • Clone WordPress websites - to save time on development and maintenance
  • Synchronize the changes between files and databases of different WordPress websites - to increase your efficiency
  • Manage WordPress search engine indexing - to make sure that with the best SEO you drive to the highest possible traffic to your websites
  • Manage all WordPress sites on the server - to make your server admin tasks easier
  • ... and many more. Check the extension to discover all other cool features that help you handle your WordPress sites


WordPress Toolkit is free for the owners of Plesk Web Pro and Plesk Web Host editions. If you have Plesk Web Admin edition, this extension needs to be purchased separately.

More Information

For more details on WordPress Toolkit, see the following Guide

Version 5.2.4
Requires 18.0.23
Developer Plesk
Category Web Apps & Site Editing
Web Development

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