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This extension is no longer available.

Gosh Social Gallery

This extension is no longer available.

Category SEO & Social Media


Gosh Social Gallery

Note: This extension has been discontinued. 

Gosh allows you to create a social media photo and video gallery in real time.

Every day, millions of photos and videos are posted by your customers and communities on various social networks. Gosh pulls them all onto a dashboard, where you can select the photos and videos you like, and set them to appear on your website gallery or social media channels.



Real-time social media photo gallery

Create your own social media photo gallery with Gosh, by gathering and selecting up-to-date photos and videos from various social media channels and uploading them onto your website to share with your customers.

Continuous search engine

Gosh continuously collects (geo-located) photos and videos from social media to re-publish on your website and social media accounts. Search any #s and @usernames of interest.


Grow your business by being part of the conversation about your brand. By regularly sharing and engaging with customer-generated content on your website,  you are building a connection between your brand and your community.

Content marketing & SEO

Update your website regularly with fresh and relevant content, which will improve your search engine rankings.

Who uses GOSH?

  • E-commerce

    Frequent posts on your social networks can help you reach new customers and re-engage current ones.

  • Travel and tourism

    Memorable moments, events and experiences are all shared on social media. Gosh brings all these places and events to life and displays them on the Gosh gallery in real time. Let your customers be your marketers.

  • Hotels

    A huge percentage of hotel guests post photos and videos about their stay onto social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Hotels can use these photos and videos to their advantage.

  • Fashion and designers

    Your customers are your loudest influencers when they post photos of how they wear your designs. Share these on your websites and social media channels in real time.

  • Marketing agencies

    Monitor what your customers are posting on social media, and create galleries to share with your clients to keep them informed of what their customers are saying about their brands.

  • Universities and schools

    Keep your students, parents, and educators in the loop of what is happening in real time.

  • Events

    The Gosh gallery promotes a fun atmosphere and encourages participant engagement.







Gallery Style Customization
Auto-Published Gallery
Follow Hashtags and Usernames
Easily Embed into Website
Re-post onto social media
Curated Gallery
Manage Multiple Galleries
Insert Adverts into Galleries  –  –
Schedule Advert  –  –
Engage Customers with Deals Redeemable through Social Media  –  –  –
Schedule and Manage Deals  –  –  –

Note: This extension has been discontinued. 

Requires Plesk 12.5 and up
Developer Tapastreet ltd
Category SEO & Social Media
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