Docker Images Search by Addendio


Addendio helps you find the best Docker images with instant results and useful filters to refine the results according to your own criteria.

As soon as you find the image you are looking for, you can simply launch it via the Plesk Docker extension.
A video is worth a thousand words: check it out now!

Free Edition

  • Free text search
  • Rich result snippets
  • Launch via the Plesk Docker extension

Premium Edition

  • All FREE Features
  • Advanced filters (Image type, #Pulls, #Stars, Dockerfile, Image name, Author, etc)
  • Advanced information (Dockerfile, Tags, Comments, Images by the same author)

We highly recommend using this extension together with the Plesk Docker extension. More than 100 domains? Contact [email protected]


  • Why I can’t find a certain image? Our index works very much like Google, so if an image has just been added to the Docker registry it will take some time before we index it.
  • Can I search my private registry? Not yet, but it’s in our roadmap to offer this possibility, although we don’t have any timelines yet for this feature
RequiresPlesk 17.0 and up
Category Web Development