How to save 4 hours per week on server management

Time is money, as the saying goes. But money is also time if you think about it. Which means it’s time to save both time and money by investing in proper server management solutions. You could be saving hours every week if you just start using the right software solutions. Let’s have a look at why using server management solutions are a good idea.

1. Consider Server Management Price

We’re among cloud price wars and falling prices for virtual private server (VPS) services around the world. Therefore bringing the monthly fee for a modest VPS to about the same price as a cup of coffee. In simple terms, the raw underlying hardware and network connection has basically become a commodity.

Server management price - save for 4 hours a week on server management

Investing in value-added server management software adds capabilities and efficiency savings on top of that too. See examples of server management pricing.

2. Avoid Server Sprawl

Virtualization offers ease of deployment, but this can become a bit of a problem scenario for IT managers. The faster that servers can be provisioned, the more it seems they’re in demand. And that quickly leads to too many virtual machines.

IT managers and industry watchers say we need to control virtual server sprawl. And this requires the same processes and auditing that we use in physical server deployments. In order to ensure we provision only the exact amount of machines we need.

Industry watchers suggest adopting a server life-cycle management process. One where we track the status and purpose of a virtual or physical server from creation to retirement. If we fail to curb lax deployment habits, it can make challenges around managing virtual machines, like patch management, worse.

Policy-based management and inventory tools can help IT stay on top of the number of servers and help IT to be disciplined about putting processes in place. All this in order to prevent virtual sprawl from corrupting the deployment’s success.

3. Spend less time setting up servers

Tests show that using server management software compared to traditional, manual methods takes less time and fewer steps to perform. Particularly when we’re doing a basic setup of a new server, viewing the server health, and viewing the server inventory.

Whether you’re adding new servers to your data center or refreshing old ones, the new servers need a careful setup. Because we need to ensure correct functionality and network access. Getting through this process quickly cuts down the time that your IT data managers have to spend doing it. And it can help the server reach a fast time to value.

4. View server logs effortlessly

Programs have generated logs for as long as they’ve existed. But with the advent of modern server and application software, logging has become a part of the IT management system. Good server management programs will make these logs easier to read, search and call up when needed.

Fast, efficient server management solutions for admins

Technology will continue to improve lives by making complex processes faster and easier. Server management solutions like Plesk can reduce the time IT data managers spend waiting. And instead allow them to apply their valuable skills to other tasks and projects for your company.

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