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Why Smart Updates Has Jumped in Value

Our development team put lots of effort into the new features of WordPress Toolkit 4.3, which mostly benefit our Smart Updates users. Thanks to our new algorithm, we can reduce the time all updates take. Moreover, new checks and a more transparent process have improved your user experience and stopped the Smart Updates blackboxing! But more importantly, Smart Updates is essential to:

  • Prevent WordPress hacking
  • Save you time
  • Earn you money

Since Smart Updates is so important, now more than ever, we’re giving new users a special offer “first month free” offer to try it out.

New Smart Updates for WordPress Toolkit

Keeping your WordPress up-to-date is the most efficient way to protect it against automated hacking. A hacking attack usually exploits known security breaches in older versions of WordPress and plugins. So that’s why it’s crucial to keep your WordPress, themes and plugins always updated. The top benefit you get with Smart Updates is the Automated updates by AI.

New Smart Updates for WordPress Toolkit - October 2019

Not only does it perform updates on your behalf, but also ensures your updates do not break the live site. How? By using an algorithm that you set. If it is not met, the site does not update until you accept manually. Don’t worry there is also an option to update manually if you wish to retain control.

Find out more about how AI handles Smart Updates right here. 

Plus, we’ve also enhanced the reliability and performance of Smart Updates for the WordPress core, plugins and themes. When we launched Smart Updates for WordPress in March 2018, we whitelabeled the API from Perfect Dashboard, which we now deprecated. What this means is that we can now offer you a free month of auto-updates & AI-powered regression testing tools! Click below to get yours.

Make Money & Save Time with Smart Updates

Save Time and Make Money - Smart Updates - Infographic 2019

Statistically, there can be up to four WordPress updates a month on average. That means that keeping one website updated with the proper procedure takes 8 hours per month. This is super time-consuming, not to mention boring. Manual updating and testing websites will eventually take a toll, if it hasn’t already. But not with Smart Updates, this then just takes minutes.

You can earn 160% more, working 90% less

Assuming the hourly rate is €20 per hour, the cost of keeping the website up-to-date would add up to €160 monthly. Consequently, in order to generate a reasonable margin, the total cost for updating a simple WordPress website properly is €250 for the customer.

With Smart Updates, keeping one website updated via automation takes 40 minutes a month (versus 8 hours). That means that you can provide the service of the same, or even better, quality while working 90% less. Because now, based on the same hourly rate, your website updates are maintained for just €13.33 a month. Therefore, a web professional can still charge €250 per month and boost their margin by almost 160%.

The second opportunity here is of course, keeping the same margin, but offering the same service at a much more affordable price. This in turn makes you more competitive in your market and opens up many more prospects. Those who previously couldn’t afford manual updates, but can now afford automated ones.

How to Activate Smart Updates for WordPress Sites

Go to WordPress Overview and activate the Smart Updates switch. That’s it! It’s all you need to do because everything is now in that single switch on the main card of each WP Instance.

We plan to introduce more Smart Updates enhancements further down the line. Even more importantly, one of the changes should dramatically change your Smart Update experience and make it more transparent. So try Smart Updates for WordPress while offer still lasts.

How do you think Smart Updates would benefit you? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • Avatar

      I’m not clicking or “trying” anything as long as you hide the prices. Bye, bye!!!

      • Debbie from Plesk
        Debbie from Plesk

        Hey Tim,

        Prices are not hidden – clicking the button takes you to a page which informs you of your free month and the price of your next billing cycle after the free trial. Thanks.

    • Avatar
      Sam Ravenscroft

      I already use smart updates on one site and it’s great. I’m trying to add more domains and cannot figure out how to do it.

      • Laura from Plesk
        Laura from Plesk

        Hello, please contact Plesk Support with your issue. They will be able to guide you further.

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