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Smart Updates for WordPress Toolkit

Never break a live site again with AI-powered updates

Benefits for Smart WordPress Professionals

The Smart Updates feature for WordPress Toolkit analyzes your WordPress updates, identifies changes and decides whether to perform them, without breaking your production site. Or simply notifies you of a potentially dangerous update. Thanks to automation by AI and machine-learning.

Smart Updates Key Features

  • Available per-instance, with affordable packages too
  • Clones the site and tests updates there – not affecting production
  • Manual Update: Get notified of update tests, cancel if site breaks
  • Auto-update: On live site if it fits change threshold, defined by user
  • Smart Updates are available for WP core, plugins and themes
  • Activate Smart Updates in WordPress Toolkit with a switch
  • Automatic Smart Updates send update analysis notifications
  • Stay in charge: Site not pushed if auto-regression test finds break

New Smart Updates Pricing

Smart Updates come with 1 month free trial with no obligation.
Fixed prices starting from $2.50 and a 5 WordPress website package for $1 each website.

# of WP websitesOld PricingNew Pricing
5€5 [*€1/domain]
10€9€7.5 [*€0.75/domain]
30€19€15 [*€0.5/domain]
100€49€39 [*€0.39/domain]

* Prices in brackets [] are per instance.


  • Smart Updates requires a separate license and works on a per-instance basis.
  • Base customers can simply switch to the new price model by reordering the Smart Updates.
  • If you max out the number of Smart Update websites, you can buy a higher package from our shop.
  • Required Extensions: WordPress Toolkit 4.2 or higher

 Smart Updates now comes with 1 month free trial

 Smart Updates now comes with 1 month free trial

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