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How to Schedule Automatic Backups to Cloud Storage

When you’re planning to scale your business, you need a solution that can deal with with backing up high volumes of data in a secure way. Because loss of data is one of the biggest risks for any growing business. The best you can do in this situation is go for Cloud storage.

Choosing a platform like Plesk with hyperscaling capabilities gives you access to high performing cloud services and reliable server management options. And what’s more, you can continue to manage automatic backups along with the rest of your system’s infrastructure from just one dashboard.

Multiple Backup Options

backup to multiple cloud storages - amazon/AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, OVH, Azure

Plesk’s Backup to Cloud Pro extension caters for multiple services depending on your cloud storage of choice. You can secure your domains with Google Drive, Amazon S3, DropBox, DigitalOcean Spaces and Microsoft OneDrive.

Just like with Google Drive, backing up and accessing your data is done without the need for any special coding or integration. You even have full control on when and how often backups are made. Making this pack the perfect choice for Hosting companies and Web Professionals.

In fact, using practically all cloud storage systems available through this Plesk extension gives you the same features. So as to keep data even more secure, rather than have just one backup it is possible that each authorised user makes a backup on his or her own account. Your only choice now is which cloud storage option you prefer working with.

Backup to Cloud Pro

Backup to Cloud Pro Features

This Backup to Cloud Pro pack gives you the opportunity to focus on more exciting and innovative tasks as it automates your backup management. It’s easy to set up and can run automatically. Plus, easy access and restoration of these backed up domains from Google Drive. This means that if your data is lost or corrupted, replacement via backup is quick.

All you need to do to start backing up domains is connect your Plesk user account to your preferred Cloud storage and start scheduling. The fact that we are integrated this extension expands our backup functionality at Plesk, allowing you to create a secure copy of your domains.

Install Backup to Cloud Pro on Plesk

Just a single package will unlock the ability for you and your customers to use all cloud storages. You can set up different backup schedules for Plesk Resellers, Clients and Subscriptions.

Here’s how a Plesk user installs and uses the Google Drive Backup extension in under 5 minutes.

The backup extensions offered by Plesk compliment the other extensions available to website owners. Webmasters don’t even need to worry about compatibility because they support all Linux and Windows development tools and platforms. In a world which demands instant results, we are proud to be able to deliver superior, reliable solutions like this Backup to Cloud Pro.

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