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Google Drive Backup

Google Drive Backup extends Plesk backup functionality and allows you to back up your domains to Google Drive under a specified Google account.
Each Plesk user (Admin/Reseller/Customer) can connect his own Google account to back up his domains to Google Drive.

This extension is a part of a new full-featured Remote Backup Pack.


  • Connect your Google account to your Plesk account to back up your domains.
  • Backup on demand, initiated by a user.
  • Restoration of domains and particular files from a backup stored on Google Drive.

Premium features (require purchasing Backup to Cloud Pro, which unlocks these features for all supported cloud storages):

  • Ability to store scheduled subscription's backups in a remote cloud storage.
Version 1.2.0
Requires 17.8.7
Developer Plesk
Category Backup

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