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Smart Updates now included in WP Toolkit Deluxe

For web developers & sysadmins, managing multiple sites and servers can include endless tasks that take up your entire day and leave no space for new projects. So that’s why at Plesk we want you to start with the best tools in place, freeing you to take on more tasks and grow your business.

So you’ve got your Plesk license sorted, your sites & servers synced to the control panel, and you’re ready to optimize your workload quickly and easily. Where do you start? Here is a list of top extensions that simplify, automate and speed up your setup and maintenance.

Let’s get started:

Setting up your sites & servers

Here are the best tools and kits to get started:

The Plesk WP Toolkit

The world-famous WP Toolkit sites developed by Plesk packs a punch of power. If you’re managing your sites on WordPress, this is without a doubt the place to start:

  • One-click installment
  • Single dashboard to manage multiple instances
  • Default security scanner that blocks attacks
  • Testing environment to stage features with no separate server
  • Centralized updates to mass-manage themes and plugins
  • Easy for beginners, great for developers

With access to CLI, search engine index management, cloning, migration tools and beyond, WordPress users and web developers have a clear place to start safely and efficiently.

Smart Updates (included in WP Toolkit Deluxe)

The Plesk WP Toolkit is particularly well suited to work in conjunction with other plugins, as is the nature of WordPress itself. Another top extension to optimize your WordPress sites is Smart Updates.

Automatically updating your WordPress site or multiple sites is far easier than doing each one manually, but it comes with a risk – the update could break your sites, and backtracking is difficult and costly. Smart Updates tests your auto updates in a testing environment to make sure there are no problems before applying to update to your live site. Just like that!

The Plesk eCommerce Toolkit

Another powerful toolkit in the Plesk extension library helps you set up eCommerce stores from scratch – that’s right, from top to bottom.

With the eCommerce Toolkit extension, web developers and inexperienced retailers alike can enjoy the full power of online selling in just a few steps:

  • Create a website complete with personalized domain, products and shopping cart
  • Connect to EVO Payments or other gateways to make secure transactions
  • Broadcast products across multiple selling platforms like social media & Amazon
  • Sync with existing PoS systems

For an A to Z kit specifically designed for online retailers, this kit is a top-notch solution available directly through Plesk.

Securing & backing up your data

Once you’ve taken the first steps to getting your sites and servers online and running, the next step is keeping everything safe.

Backup to Cloud Pro

First things first: You have to keep your data safe.

The popular Backup to Cloud Pro extension allows you to keep your backups safely in the cloud of your choice: AmazonS3, Google Drive, SFTP Backup, Dropbox, DigitalOcean Spaces, or MicrosoftOneDrive. These backups can be scheduled to repeat automatically, so you don’t have to do a thing. From a security perspective, this extension is a great place to start.

ImunifyAV & Imunify360

Two great products from one powerful security giant. Imunify provides the best immunity (pun intended) against viruses, adware spyware, trojans, and worms.

With ImunifyAV, you can equip your site with the essentials for combatting various threats in real-time, keeping your sites locked and closely monitored. It also smartly manages reputation, blacklists, and malware cleanup.

Upgrading to Imunify360 packs in even more security features to ensure the best, automated system tracking your sites. It includes everything you get in ImunifyAV, plus additional firewall software, hardened PHP, some integrations with backup, and more. It is the complete security detail you need to keep your inventory safe without a fuss.

Plesk Email Security

Moving on to your mailing. If you want to safely manage your mailing system on the Plesk control panel, Plesk Email Security is the place to start.

Spam can be a real nuisance, and viruses can present a real threat to your privacy and data. With this extension, advanced anti-spam filters keep spam and ham under control server-wide. Even more importantly, the pro version allows you peace of mind with antivirus technology designed to recognize and learn about harmful content. With this tool scanning all emails, managing DNS blacklists, and blocking unwanted content, you can start using Plesk for email too without a worry.


Now it’s time to keep the safety of your OS in check.

Web developers know that the integrity of your kernel is paramount. So this extension in the Plesk catalog, KernelCare, does exactly what it says on the tin: it takes care of your kernel and thereby protects Linux servers against vulnerabilities.

Updates are checked every few hours, and can take place without rebooting the server. This stops service interruptions happening due to server downtime, and the extension monitors this uptime too. This security patching is a web developer’s dream, as it works on a live site automatically without causing anything to go offline.

Monitoring your sites

Many of the above extensions have monitoring features related to their specific area of expertise. However, we suggest getting started with performance monitoring too, to have a real understanding of your inventory through and through.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This add-on takes your sites to the next level. The performance of your site in terms of speed and optimization is key for creating fast, useful sites. And Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes your site content and performance to suggest the best steps to take to improve.

Plus, as it supports SEO efforts, your sites’ visibility is vastly improved. Plus, as an extension built for Google, the top search engine, you know your insights are accurate and helpful!

Get Yearly Licenses for your Toolbox

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All of the above are popular, powerful Plesk essentials that are now available to you for less for the next 12 months. So see all the CyberDeals, and stay updated so you don’t miss the offers.

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