Four ways the updated WP Toolkit helps your business

Smart Updates now included in WP Toolkit Deluxe

Calling all WordPress devs, agencies and web admins – How smoothly do you manage your WordPress sites and apps? You, like millions of other WordPress users, know the feeling of workload stress. And with the need to save time and get more done, Plesk created an all-in-one solution. We packed our latest WP Toolkit update with simplified ways to build, secure and run your WordPress.

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Presenting the WP Toolkit

Make your life as a WordPress user easier, whether you’re a beginner or pro. Simplify a variety of dev workflows, automate tasks and manage instances- using a single dashboard. Plesk has created the most complete, secure and versatile toolkit for WordPress. Let’s run through the benefits.

1) Your daily workload becomes simple

You can initialize and configure WordPress from start to finish, with one button. And one dashboard to mass-manage multiple WordPress instances. Quickly clone, sync, update, migrate and execute complex tasks. You can even manage multiple plugins and themes at once!

2) You never have to develop on a live site again

We all want a safe testing space to eliminate high-risk activities, right? That’s another WP Toolkit plus. Got a new brilliant idea to implement – plugins, features, themes or code? Test it in a sandbox before pushing to production. Then click to sync when you’ve smoothened the kinks and squashed the bugs. With one-click staging, the days of coding live are behind you.

3) You protect yourself against online attacks

Plesk made sure that the WP Toolkit fortifies your site security by default. It comes with a security scanner that implements the latest security practices and extensions, including best recommendations from WP Codex and Security Experts. This goes beyond the basic hardening you normally find with other panels.

So there’s no security expertise necessary because the toolkit does all the heavy-lifting for you. When you scan all your WordPress sites with Plesk, you can identify and protect your core installations. All you need to do from your end is check the items you wish to harden, click “Secure”, and you’re done.

4) You enjoy smooth site-running and automation

It’s really simple, but not amateur. You get full control with:

  • WP-CLI
  • maintenance mode
  • debug management
  • search engine index management
  • and much more.

To update WordPress, plugins or themes, all you need to do is activate Maintenance Mode and follow the buttons. If something goes wrong or you deploy something breaks stuff, Restore Points and Backups let you restore your site back to its former glory. You can also manage all important debug options in WordPress or on a per-instance basis, from one interface.

Choose to enable or disable the option for search engines to index your site on a case-by-case basis. And if you need to, you can get easy access to WP-CLI for any WordPress instances. We’re talking – importing a database, creating a new user, updating themes and plugins – all in a flash.

One Tool to Rule Them All

Love the sound of the WP Toolkit? Try us out for free by clicking below. And if you’re ready to remove complexity, run and grow your business starting today, then contact us. We’ll help you find a good fit.

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Our Plesk University WP Toolkit course will even back you up with any info you need to use the Toolkit. Plus, you get certified with a shiny, new badge upon completion. We’re ready when you are!


  1. great work!! can i sell managed wordpress hosting using plesk toolkit instead of jetpack ? how well WPT can handle sites compared to jetpack ?

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