How AI is disrupting the Web Hosting industry

Artificial Intelligence is transforming industries worldwide – with the web hosting industry following the trend in high spirits. By harnessing the benefits of AI, Plesk is helping hosters to streamline routine tasks, reduce workloads, and consistently improve service quality. Ultimately enhancing these hosting companies’ productivity and profits. Let’s explore, thanks to our latest web hosting industry news, how you too can leverage AI for your business.

More time to increase productivity

more time to increase productivity - How AI is disrupting the web hosting industry - Plesk

The competition in the hosting industry is getting tougher. So, companies need to quickly adopt new technologies and constantly upgrade their skills if they want to survive. However, daily routine tasks leave very little room for that. AI is the perfect solution here because it can:

  1. Independently capture current stats, data and analysis, evaluate it and convert it into comprehensive key reports. Then send it to companies and clients- almost instantly.
  2. Efficiently update software, allocate resources, implement the load balancer and adjust settings to sync with changing requirements. All with little to no human intervention.
  3. Ensure optimum site performance in order to keep clients happy.
  4. Help hosting companies widen their reach by exploring new trends, web hosting industry news and market needs.
  5. Enhance service quality, and thus increase customer loyalty via support, amongst other things.

Failsafe security

Layered Security - CloudLinux Cyber Security strategy 2019 - Plesk

The increasing number of security threats has alarmed businesses of all sizes. They now demand more robust security to tackle the latest hacking tricks that traditional security methods just can’t. AI platforms can effectively identify suspicious patterns, even when smartly hidden in the code or on a remote website.

AI not only detects the most minute of changes, but also learns to handle them by itself. This is quicker and more efficient than simply alerting you – and can minimize costly damage. Moreover, it can evolve over time, constantly boosting its capability of dealing with the latest security threats.

Stable performance during fluctuations

Stable performance during fluctuations

Advanced monitoring and detection equip AI platforms with dependable prediction skills. So they can anticipate upcoming fluctuations – like traffic surges, overloading, and technical issues. This helps maintain maximum uptime, and boost performance and speed – the core factors to enhance user experience.

Improved experience for your customers strengthens their relationship and encourages them to stick to your brand for future needs. Like upgrades and value-added services. Plesk is one of many reputable platforms to offer automation for specific hosting packages, like AI tools for WordPress hosting management.

Better customer experience

Better customer experience - Hosting industry and AI

Customer service plays a key role in this hosting business, but the help section or knowledge base have their limitations. They can fail to resolve the more complicated issues, thus overloading your support staff. AI-powered chatbots can better interact with clients and offer precise solutions to resolve their issues.

Advanced AI can employ technology that quickly recognizes the customers and sifts through their history and records for key info. Overall helping to resolve more queries in less time – enriching customer experiences while helping to increase your productivity.

Moreover, AI helps develop business-friendly infrastructure tools for web hosting providers to enjoy scalability, customizable features and innovative functionalities.

The multiple benefits AI offers the web hosting industry

AI’s advanced technology can streamline the tasks, save time and efforts, enhance security and deliver better client experience. Moreover, there are various open source AI tools available free of cost – offering premium enterprise capabilities. Making them an ideal option for beginners and small hosting companies on limited budget.

Plesk also offers such capabilities at low costs – many a time with free versions available. Get in touch to find out more about how Plesk experts can help you tailor a solution that fits your business.

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  1. Great piece Jitendra, we have not seen this Ai web hosting technology earlier but will see shortly.

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