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Plesk Content Program - Write and get paid

Got a great idea? Have an amazing story to tell? We want you!

The Plesk Content Program is for everyone and anyone to share their knowledge with the world. You don’t have to be a professional writer or designer to participate, just write, film or design your thoughts, we’ll provide the editorial support to polish and shine, and we’ll share them with the 1.25 million Plesk users and followers from around the world. And you get paid for your troubles! How’s that sound?

What we are looking for:

  Tutorials, tips and guides

 Industry insight and trend observations

 Case studies

Topics that are relevant to our community:

  • WordPress – Tutorials, plugin reviews, solutions, blueprints
  • Docker & Plesk – Tutorials, extended use cases, continuous delivery pipelines or other good ideas – using Docker inside Plesk
  • Website Scalability & Performance – Auto-scaling, scalable architecture, load balancing, databases scalability, hyperscalers
  • Web Security – Threat types/identification/prevention, cryptography basics from web development perspective, best practices
  • Development Basics – Reviews of the frameworks, git setups, tutorials, guidelines, best practices
  • Javascript Frameworks – Using Angular, Node, REACT, MEAN, MERN, vue, Ember, Meteor or others with Plesk? Tell us how..
  • Hyperscalers – Tutorials or best practices with Plesk connected to services on AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Linode or OVH
  • DevOps – Strategic approach to software delivery chain, test automation, environments management, attitude towards legacy systems
  • Hosting & Cloud Industry – Modern challenges, trends, technologies reviews and comparisons
  • Digital Agency Life – Technical aspects, business workflow, online marketing


In the form of:

Get Paid To Write Articles


Create Infographics And Get Paid


Get Paid to Create Videos


What you get:


Get $50 Per Short Article


Short article or update

Get $100 Per 1000+ Words Article


Articles above 1000 words

Simple infographic

Short video below 3mins

Get $200 Per 1500+ Words Article


Article above 1500 words

Detailed infographic

Long video above 3mins


  • A fancy spot on the Plesk blog for the world to see
  • Chance to be promoted to our 1,000,000 website visitors on
  • Chance to be shared with 250,000 members of our social media communities and newsletter subscribers
  • Bragging rights as a published author for a major company

Ready to get started?

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    Our terms & conditions:

    • The award amounts above are a rough guide and are entirely at our discretion. However, we appreciate exceptional content and believe in fair reward for good work.
    • Our editorial team reserves the right to refuse to reward or publish content that:
      • Promotes a specific company or product
      • Are not original pieces of work / published elsewhere
      • Contain abusive, illegal, discriminatory, violent language or content
      • Have what we deem as vague/generic content that’s not very useful
      • Or for any other reason
    • In addition, all participants of the content program are bound by our Terms of Use
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