Podcast | 2022 Industry Trends (and How to Get Ahead in 2023)

Welcome to the season finale of Season 3 of the Official Plesk Podcast! So what’s on the agenda to wrap up an incredible year in technology?

The online landscape has seen an incredible transformation over the last few years, where more businesses than ever were forced to create eCommerce websites out of necessity – they had to sell online in order to survive. But now, as things get back to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, we take a look at what has stayed, and what fell by the wayside. And no one is better positioned to do that than Robert Blaize, a Senior Engineer at WebPros.

Robert has been working with servers since the late 1990s, which means he’s seen what has come and gone, and what has staying power. Let’s delve into his insights on the industry:

Robert Blaize Plesk WebPros podcast

In this Episode: Where the Web Hosting Industry is Going

So what were the web hosting trends for 2022? Are we continuing to see unprecedented growth in eCommerce? Or are consumers once again heading out to brick and mortar stores for their purchases?

What can providers do to help SMBs get back into the swing of in-person commerce, and how can they stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing online landscape? We look at everything from usage trends, to working remotely, to environmental impact. Listen in:

Key Takeaways

  • The hosting industry continued to see growth in 2022, but it has slowed down. This makes sense as the market begins to saturate a little.
  • That said, things are not going back to the way they were before. More people have got used to using eCommerce from a convenience and comfort standpoint, and we can’t take that away from them now.
  • Online growth is still happening because there are still many businesses realizing the customers aren’t coming back and they need to act.
  • The truth is even if you don’t provide curb-side pickup anymore, you still need some kind of web presence to survive in today’s market.
  • As ARM processors become more prevalent, servers will use less energy and should become more affordable for services providers and users alike.
  • As a result of ARM processors becoming more popular, Intel is working hard to make their chips more energy efficient.
  • This will accelerate another growing trend with availability. Soon, we’ll be as close to 100% up time as humanly possible with all servers being managed remotely and having fallbacks.
  • Speaking of remote work, most services provides are doing all of their work remotely now. This was another trend that accelerated during the pandemic and it’s here to stay.
  • How is WebPros keeping up with all of this? They continue to improve their infrastructure, but they also added a lot to their product offering for 24/7 monitoring and logging, as well as full site checks, SEO, and much more.

The Official Plesk Podcast: Next Level Ops Featuring

Joe Casabona
Joe is a college-accredited course developer and podcast coach. You can find him at Casabona.org.

Robert Blaize
Robert is a Senior Engineer at WebPros.

This was the last episode of season 3, and we’ll be back in early 2023 with a brand new revamped season. Are you ready? Get the updates everything month on our mailing list!

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