Plesk at JoomlaDay Germany 2016

This year Plesk is proud to be Gold Sponsor of Germany’s JoomlaDay, happening in the city of Leipzig, from the 16th to 17th September. The official Joomla! conference is an event created exclusively for Joomla! users and developers to meet, share their knowledge, expand their network, work on projects and of course, see friends.

The conference is packed with interesting sessions and workshops held by Joomla! experts and project leaders.

As Plesk’s Tech Evangelist (@viktorvogel) and also part of the Joomla! Leadership Team I’ll be taking part and sharing some expertise with the participants. Looks like the Plesk booth will be the place to be, so please pass through if you’re planning on attending the event. Check out the list of talks I’ll be giving and feel free to come and ask questions.


How to find good extensions?  Friday, 3:30pm – 16:15pm

Together with Ufuk Avcu we’ll look at how to distinguish a good extension from a bad one. This issue will be considered both from user and developer perspectives. With the practical tips given, the audience will be able to find the correct extensions for their projects.


Run Joomla! fast and securely  Saturday, 10:00am – 10:45am

Why are performance and security such important factors nowadays? What can impact the loading process? How good the security aspect in Joomla! is and how it can be increased with few simple changes.


Get started developing Joomla! Plugins   Saturday, 2:00pm – 2:45pm (can be extended to 3:45pm)

This is a short but helpful development workshop about how to write Joomla! plugins properly. The participants will learn all important things about plugins and will also have the chance to write their first basic plugin. So don’t forget your laptop and learn something new!

Last but not least:


Create Joomla! projects professionally with the help of Plesk  Saturday, 4:15pm – 5:00pm

Interested in how to be more efficient with Joomla! and deliver faster? Learn how Plesk can make your life easier while developing a Joomla! project. We’ll be showing new features of the next major version– Plesk “Onyx”.  Demonstrations of how awesomely the integration of tools like Git and Docker work and how this helps professional web developers. Additionally, the security aspect will be a major topic in this talk. Developers and agencies can concentrate on delivering great products, Plesk manages the rest!

Note: Most talks will be in German but sessions in English will also be offered.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the two action packed JoomlaDays in Germany! For further information on this event check out:

Stay Plesky! 🙂


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    Now that is damn great! Plesk is something I never knew before… keep up the good work

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