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Just like all other content management systems Joomla! is a platform that requires regular maintenance, updates and non-stop protection against security attacks. It’s just the nature of today’s websites. Thankfully the Plesk Joomla! Toolkit makes the process of keeping your Joomla! sites so much easier.

Plesk Joomla! Toolkit Features

Plesk is used to support countless Joomla! sites, and we know what site admins need most from a Joomla! toolkit. We’ve put all these essentials features into the Plesk Joomla! Toolkit, including essential functions that include:

  • Mission control. A single place for you to manage all your Joomla! sites. Joomla! Mission Control lets you build, secure and start up all of your Joomla! instances. We even support a total of 32 languages so wherever you are, you can use our Joomla! toolkit.
  • Better user experience. The latest edition of our toolkit for Joomla! includes a single-click installer to make adding new sites easier. It downloads, initialises and sets up Joomla! from start to finish. We’ve made big steps forward with an improved user interface alongside state filtering and the ability to search for an instance.
  • Joomla!, like all other CMS solutions, is often at the sharp end of cybersecurity attacks. Our toolkit automatically hardens your Joomla! instance while also providing a Backups Manager plus a dedicated security scanning tool. You don’t need to know anything about security to make sure your Joomla! site is safe – thanks to our toolkit’s security features.
  • Automate tasks. The Plesk Joomla! Toolkit lets you easily automate common tasks through Extension Manager, including the installation of templates and extensions. You can also closely monitor the performance of your sites with the audit logs tool – all from one single dashboard.

Clearly the Plesk Joomla! Toolkit has the essential features you need to streamline your Joomla! experience.

How Plesk Joomla! Toolkit helps you with your Joomla! sites

Let’s take a look at exactly how the Plesk Joomla! Toolkit helps you start and manage your Joomla! websites.

Building new sites

It’s easy to install a new Joomla! site with our toolkit thanks to a one-click installer which completes all the essential tasks for you. Click the installer and the toolkit will:

  • Download the latest edition of Joomla! and install it
  • Create a new CMS database, and manage it for you
  • Configure and harden your Joomla! instance automatically
  • Make sure your Joomla! CMS is ready to use out of the box

Securing your site

You know how important it is to secure your Joomla! site, but often it seems like it requires a lot of effort. Thanks to our Joomla! Toolkit you can immediately harden your website with 1-click hardening, automatically protecting core installations without any manual intervention. Choose items you want to harden and click the “Secure” button. That’s it.

Because we execute all commands locally, we ensure that no back doors exist because data is never passed to a third party server or any external server at all.

Thanks to our one-click security scanner and automatic hardening you can rest assured that your site is safe. You can reduce the cost of securing your site without compromising on security. You don’t need to hire an expensive security team or specialist consultant.

Ongoing Joomla! maintenance

Keeping your sites running smoothly takes a lot of time, but we make it easy for you thanks to a single master view of your Joomla! sites where you can instantly manage and monitor your Joomla! CMS instances – all in one place.

Updates are easy too, as you can update all your Joomla! sites including the latest security updates as well as new Joomla! features. Whether it’s the Joomla! core or specific extensions, you can update it right from our dashboard.

Monitoring the performance of your sites is crucial too, and you can do so easily from our Joomla! Toolkit – across all your sites and covering all the important performance statistics.

Please note that technologies described on Wiki pages are not necessary the part of Plesk control panel or its extensions.

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