Why WordPress?

Is a WordPress site really going to be that much better than the one you’ve been using happily for so long? Well, we think it will. We think that a WordPress CMS is going to be one of those things that you switch to and then later wonder how you ever did without it. We’ll show you why we think that and show you examples of some great sites that rely on WordPress too, so you can decide for yourself.

If you’re like most people, then any time you hear the name ‘WordPress’ you immediately think that it’s going to be about someone’s blog. Well, it’s true that WordPress was mostly used for blogging in the beginning, but it’s evolved into something that’s a lot more sophisticated than just a home for an online diary.

The clue to its power now is in the letters CMS, or content management system. It’s going into something quite versatile, and that versatility is what accounts for its popularity. It’s been estimated that a little over 32 per cent of all the websites in existence use WordPress. Bloomberg, Sony, The New Yorker, Disney, Target, BBC America, Plesk, cPanel and many more have come to depend on its long list of features, robustness, and excellent scalability. High recommendation indeed!

WordPress costs you nothing

That’s right. You don’t pay one solitary nickel for WordPress. And you can install it, alter it, bend it to whatever shape you need too, and nobody will take exception to your behavior. Of course, there are still costs. you still have to pay for a domain name and the usual hosting service, but then so does everyone. That’s the kind of thing you expect to have to do if you want to make a home on the web. When someone types www. followed by the name of your site then they’re directed to the place all your stuff is held. So, it’s not surprising that somebody has to provide the “warehouse” for all your files and that you have to pay to rent that space. But WordPress, the bit that tells the server how all of that stuff should be organized, is free

WordPress is infinitely adaptable

If you want to design a website for yourself from the ground up, then WordPress will let you do just that. But if you don’t, then you can choose from literally thousands of pre-made designs that serve a whole host of different functions. These vary from free to modestly priced, and the beauty of all of them is that you don’t need to be a techie to get your site up and running and looking good. A lot of the WordPress features are designed to be very intuitive, so you are just dragging and dropping items to get the look and functionality that you want.

As well as themes you can also pick up plugins to add even more functionality to your site. You can add analytics, contact forms, membership areas, galleries… the list goes on. Some of these are free, and some you have to pay for.

WordPress is SEO friendly

We could explain SEO, but to avoid losing you in a fog of technobabble, let’s just say that WordPress has been written in such a way that makes Google and other search engines really appreciate it. Which means that WordPress sites has all the chances to rank high in Google and Bing search results. But if that natural search engine friendliness isn’t enough for you, you can also pick up SEO plugins that help to boost your site even more.

Managing WordPress is simple

WordPress has an admin dashboard that makes installing updates for plugins and themes nice and easy. It will tell you any time a new version of WordPress is released, and you just need to click a button to have it installed. Keeping all your stuff safe from hackers and backed up is easy if you install any of WordPress backup plugins. This will let you download your site for safekeeping or save it to the cloud, whatever you prefer. WordPress mobile apps are available to help you manage your site or sites when you’re out and about.

WordPress was designed with safety in mind

Part of the reason why so many of those big corporations (that we mentioned earlier) use the WordPress CMS is that it was designed to be safe and secure. The big players can’t afford to have security breaches or unstable systems, so they’re only going to trust a platform that’s solid. So, we have to conclude that if it’s solid enough for them, then it’s solid enough for you!

That said, there’s always more that you can (and should) do to keep safe. For extra security, you could use something like Sucuri. It’s good for defending against brute force attacks and keeping malware at bay.

WordPress is happy to handle a variety of Media Types

WordPress has a media uploader built into the system so it’s easy to upload pictures, video, and audio. And you can also embed YouTube videos, Tweets, Soundcloud audio and insert Instagram images thanks to the platform support for oEmbed.

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