Plesk Obsidian 18.0.61 Release

Plesk Obsidian v18.0.61 is now available, and we are excited to finally announce experimental support for one of our most highly requested features, HTTP/3. So let’s dive into it: 

HTTP/3 Experimental Support

Your sites accessed by mobile users just got a speed boost! 

Plesk servers using NGINX now have the option to try out our new HTTP/3 Experimental Support 

The last significant update to HTTP in general was in 2015 when HTTP/2 became available. HTTP/3 is optimized to better serve mobile users, particularly when mobile devices switch between WiFi and cellular data. Watch your sites respond quicker than ever to serve customers and clients on the go. 

Reduce mobile load times with QUIC. To get a bit more technical, HTTP/3 uses QUIC, a protocol designed for mobile devices and their inherent network hopping. QUIC also encrypts transport handshakes by default, enhancing the security experience. This is all accomplished by QUIC making two handshakes at once, combining TCP and TLS handshakes. This makes connections and a user’s experience more efficient, by reducing the time it currently takes HTTP/2 to wait to start that TLS handshake after TCP connection events finish.  

Ready to unlock faster mobile website speeds? Upgrade your Plesk server with NGINX and enable HTTP/3 experimental support today! Plesk running Apache as the sole web server, however, does not support HTTP/3. Learn more about HTTP/3 and its integration with NGINX in the Plesk documentation.

Renewed Home Dashboard Experience

Customize your Service Provider View Home dashboard with our new Beta feature, featuring drag-and-drop informational blocks! Clear out informational clutter and focus on what matters to you. 

The following blocks are available to customize your Home dashboard in the Service Provider View: 

  • Plesk version – Plesk version and information about any available updates.
  • Server Information – Server hostname, IP address, OS, and uptime.
  • Last server backup – The status of server backup and backup schedule.
  • Performance Booster – Available server and website performance optimizations. 
  • What’s New – Latest entries from the Plesk changelog.
  • IP Address Banning – The status of the Fail2Ban service. 
  • Mail Queue – The status of the email queue (Postfix only). 
  • Promo – Information about possible customizations and additional features. 
  • CPU usage – Daily CPU usage information. 
  • Memory usage – Daily memory usage information.
  • Subscriptions with overuse – The list of subscriptions with resource overuse.
  • My subscription – Subscriptions owned by the administrator. 
  • Custom Buttons – display custom buttons added by the administrator. 

As this is a Beta feature, the new Home dashboard view can be enabled by adding the following lines to the panel.ini file: 

newHomeView.enabled = true 

We need your help! We want to make sure that our customers can tailor their Home dashboard experience for efficiency and productivity. Any and all feedback is welcome about this feature via [email protected] 

Ubuntu 24.04 OS Support

Great news Plesk and Ubuntu aficionados! Plesk Obsidian v18.0.61 now supports Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Long Term Support).  

Why Use Ubuntu 24.04 with Plesk? 

  • Latest security updates keep your servers and websites safe. 
  • Performance optimizations ensure faster website loading times. 
  • Long-term support (until 2032) provides a reliable foundation. 

 Ready to Get Started? 

For new Plesk deployments, we highly recommend Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Learn more and get specific instructions here.

Additional Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • New Multi-Factor Authentification (MFA) extension
  • In-place upgrades for Windows 2012 to Windows 2019 
  • Updated NGINX to version 1.26.1
  • Manage scheduled backup settings via CLI; server-wide and at the subscription level. Learn more
  • Manage scheduled task settings via CLI; server-wide and at the subscription level 
  • SFTP Backup 2.2 release 
    • Ed25519 pubic-key authentication and custom SSH keys 
    • Update SSH Keys 

For more information on the latest changes and improvements, we invite you to view the full changelog here.

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