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Top 4 user-friendly Multi-Server Management Tools

System administrators would probably all agree that a web hosting control panel is more or less essential to their jobs. Because it’s removing the need to manually manage disparate servers – a time-consuming task. The panels make multi-server management less of a chore because they take care of site launches, security, and updates automatically. Here we look at which multi-server management solutions are the most user-friendly.

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DirectAdmin does not offer single-dashboard for multi-server management. It does support DNS Clustering though. Plus, it can automate the transfer of DNS data to and from other DirectAdmin machines. And finally, it can look out for instances of domains that have been duplicated on a DA network.


This web hosting control panel divides itself into NodeWorx for admins and SiteWorx for website owners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature the convenience of multi-server management from one dashboard. For clustering, one box acts as the Cluster Manager, meanwhile, other machines are Nodes.  They mount the CM /home partition in order to balance the load between all servers. And the CM server retains all data.


ISPmanager 5 Business is a multi-server management solution that can manage server clusters and handle data based both locally and remotely. They installed the node on each of the remote machines on the network, managing the nodes using remote calls. Hence, each local node is managed just like every other one, apart from when adding a new cluster node.

Plesk Onyx for Multi-Server Management

We designed the Plesk Multi-Server interface for multi-server management, running hosting services on numerous servers. And it does this with 2 or more nodes communicating through Plesk extensions (Management node/Service node). Plesk Multi Server extension sits on each of the nodes. The Management node only takes care of server management, not hosting. So with Plesk Onyx, both administrators and customers have the convenience of accessing all servers from one location. Read about the top benefits for administrators.

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