The Top Five Best Web Development YouTube Channels - According to Plesk

The top five best web development YouTube Channels

To stay sharp as a developer, or even learn to code from scratch, you need to see examples. Also, explore new ideas and stay current. How do you get that done? Conferences, meetups, and events are one way. However, this can be an expensive approach. Alternatively? Use the best web development YouTube channels to get your info.

It’s full of other developers’ perspectives and tips. The web development Youtube videos in this roundup cover web development specifically. Basically everything you need to keep your products working and your customers happy.

The best Web Development YouTube Channels

1. The New Boston

The New Boston is at the top of the article for a reason. With an archive of more than 4,000 videos and nearly two million subscribers, there’s plenty to explore. Let’s highlight a few of the channel’s main playlists.

Best Web Development Youtube Channels: The New Boston YouTube Channel

Best YouTube programming videos from The New Boston:

At the time of this writing, it has been over a year since The New Boston came out with a new video. In the meantime, their in-depth archive of short training videos – many are 5-15 minutes long – will get your hands dirty when working with new technologies.

2. Adam Khoury (Developer Training & Programming Courses)

With coverage of JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, ActionScript and other technologies, this channel has been running for nearly ten years. The channel is solid in JavaScript with over 100 videos dedicated to the technology.

Best Web Development Youtube Channels: Adam Khoury YouTube Channel

Best YouTube videos for developer training and programming courses:

3. Google Chrome Developers

As one of the most popular browsers today, it makes sense to keep up with the peeps from Chrome. In addition to Chrome-specific news, the channel also covers broader issues relating to web development. A few examples below.

Best Web Development Youtube Channels: Google Chrome Developers YouTube Channel

Best YouTube videos from Google Chrome Developers:

4. LevelUpTuts (Become a Better Web Developer)

Open up your notebook when you visit this channel – it is a pure tutorial experience. If you are the kind of the person, who likes to take 15-30 minutes a day for professional development, check this channel out.

Best Web Development Youtube Channels: Level Up Tutorials

This channel stands out for its technical breadth and depth with step by step demonstrations. You’ll even find a few tutorials covering Sketch, a popular design tool.

Best YouTube videos on LevelUp Tuts:

5. WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials

Many web hosts offer one-click installation for WordPress. That’s just the beginning when it comes to using WordPress effectively. Use this channel’s tutorials to customize your WordPress site and improve performance. You’ll also find helpful tips to fix some of the most common WordPress errors.

Best Web Development Youtube Channels: WPBeginner WordPress Tutorials

Best YouTube videos for WordPress Beginners:

What’s next after watching YouTube?

Let’s face it, watching videos has become a part of all of our days. We get it, it’s a fun way to learn. But you need more after you’ve sat through our pick of the top tutorial-oriented videos from the best web development Youtube channels.

So just schedule 30 minutes on your calendar to tinker with the idea. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve added any of these top web development channels to your YT subscriber list. Or tell us if you agree with our list or not on Facebook and Twitter.

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      Jorgen Winther

      Cool list – very useful – thanks!

      • Debbie from Plesk
        Debbie from Plesk

        Good to hear, Jorgen! 🙂

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      Vikram Krishna

      Great post! It will be really useful for people who want to learn about web development. My first action will be subscribing the above-mentioned channels!

      • Javi From Plesk
        Javi From Plesk

        Glad we could be of help!

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      Thanks for sharing the helpful list with us..

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      Christopher A. Hughes

      I really enjoyed your list of YouTubers, thank you very much!

      I also have a YouTube channel about Website Design and Development but I speak more on the business of selling sites, my process, contracts, how to get clients, and such.

      I’d love to be considered for any future honourable mentions, and I understand I have no where near the following of the above mentioned.

      My channel is I would love anyones opinion on my content.

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      • Javi From Plesk
        Javi From Plesk

        Thanks for sharing Christopher!

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      I agree with Dane, user experience should not be forgotten when web design is the topic. Creating a functional website is more important than an ornate one. Nonetheless, I like the points raised in this article. Thanks for sharing your insight

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      thanks for sharing such a great post

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      Excellent post! Thank you for sharing the great information. It will be extremely valuable for individuals who need to find out about web development solutions and programming.

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