The Three Best Business YouTube Channels - According to Plesk

The three best business YouTube Channels

There are plenty of these kind of channels – so how did we choose the best business YouTube channels for you? We focused on a few themes: Internet business, instruction, and inspiration. Even if you’re not responsible for this sphere right now, it’s smart  to stay on top of things in order to grow your business and keep it thriving. So here are a few good videos to munch on and get you in the loop.

The best business YouTube Channels

1. Business Insider

Best known for their articles, Business Insider also has a thriving YouTube channel. The best part of the channel is the industry-specific videos. You will even find some gadget reviews here. Business Insider might not replace the New York Times anytime soon, but it is a fun way to get new business ideas and news.

Business Insider - Best Business Youtube Channels


Best YouTube videos from Business Insider:

2. GaryVee

Once known as an online wine expert, Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of a successful international digital agency. Gary has several types of video content – a daily video blog (DailyVee), a question and answer show (AskGaryVee), conference keynote presentations and more. If you’re a developer based in the agency world, Gary’s channel has lessons for you.

Gary Vee - Best Business Youtube Channels

Best YouTube videos for aspiring or current small business owners:

3. Russell Brunson

Internet marketing expert Russell Brunson is someone to follow. Best known as the co-founder of ClickFunnels, a marketing automation software company, Brunson has a strong background in direct marketing.

What we like most about Brunson is his excitement about marketing and his conviction that a funnel is often better than a traditional website. Whether or not you use ClickFunnels or read his books, his YouTube channel has excellent framework and marketing advice.

Russell Brunson - Best Business Youtube Channels

Best YouTube videos from Russell Brunson:

  • How To Find Your “BIG IDEA” – How do you make your product stand out? One answer is to use Brunson’s “Big Idea” concept.
  • The “24 Hour” Funnel Hack-A-Thon – You thought hackathons were only for developers? Think again. In this 47-minute video inspired by “24,” you’ll see how Brunson and his team build marketing funnels for several businesses. It is an excellent micro-lesson in marketing concepts such as upsells, average cart value and advertising.

After you watch the best business YouTube channels

Watching a few YouTube videos is a fun way to pass a Friday afternoon. But if you want to pick up some new skills, you need more than a simple 5-minute video session. That’s right – get to practicing and put it into action in your own life. Give at least 30 minutes a day to topic youive watched – and brainstorm, plan, build. You’ll get there sooner than you think!

Pop a comment below if you’ve subscribed to any of the best business YouTube channels we’ve mentioned. Or tell us if you agree with our list on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, we’ve got some cool advice on how to start your web development business from scratch and take it to success. Give it a read!

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