Four ways the updated WordPress Toolkit helps your business

Following our last WordPress Toolkit update, we're sharing how this complete solution helps the business of developers and hosters. WordPress beginner or pro, your life's about to become easier.


How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites


Why our WP Toolkit now has Smart Updates powered by AI


Our 5 Client Happiness Hacks for Digital Agencies to improve retention

What you may have missed at last weekend’s Cloudfest Hackathon

What’s new on Plesk Onyx? The March 2018 Update


Admin Benefits of the Plesk Server Control Panel

Web experts design hosting server control panels to help any kind of user, no matter how technically-skilled. The goal: to help properly set up and manage websites. Instead of having to type [...]

Plesk WordPress Toolkit Course – Part 5: Auto-Provisioning [Video]

Master auto-provisioning with WordPress in this final installment of the Plesk WordPress Toolkit Video Series. Our snappy how-to clip will take you under two minutes to watch.

Plesk WordPress Toolkit Course – Part 4: Keeping Updated [Video]

Stay in the loop and keep your sites there too! Learn how to use the Plesk WordPress Toolkit to do just that in part 4 of our quick video tutorial series.


Plesk WordPress Toolkit Course – Part 3: Staging and Production [Video]

Never code live again with the staging and production element of the Plesk WordPress Toolkit. Learn how in part 3 of our quick video tutorial series.

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