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Using Fail2ban to Secure Your Server

Fail2Ban guide Plesk blog

Protecting your server from malicious attacks is paramount in today´s digital landscape. Fail2ban, a robust log-parsing application, serves as a vigilant guardian, monitoring system logs for signs of automated assaults on your VPS instance. As you delve into this tutorial,…

Web Server Security – Beginner’s Guide

Web Server Security - Beginner's Guide - Plesk blog

Web server security is a broad term covering the processes and solutions that keep web servers secure. Web server security encompasses three elements: host, network, and physical. For example, a comprehensive firewall can protect network connections, while unauthorized users are…

How to Install and Configure CSF

CSF installation guide Plesk blog

As a firewall application suite designed for Linux servers, Config Server Firewall ( CSF ) is a Login/Intrusion Detection that’s effective for such applications as SSH, Pop3, IMAP, SMTP and others. CSF will recognize when a user is signing into…

ModSecurity Comprehensive Guide

Modsecurity guide Plesk

What is ModSecurity? It’s a toolkit designed for real-time web application monitoring, logging, and access control. If it sounds complex, don’t worry. Anyone with experience of ModSecurity will attest that it’s a flexible toolkit, with no hard and fast rules…

How to manually remove website malware

Remove website malware

We all face daily cybersecurity challenges. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never reduce the chances of being hacked to zero. But server security solutions are here to help prevent and detect unauthorized access. Do you need help learning…

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