How Found More Time For Their Clients Web Agency Success Story - Plesk

Miłosz Ryćko-Bożeński lives in Gdańsk, Poland and runs a Web Agency co-owned by his wife. Together they have over 40 years experience in all things internet-related. Most of their customers are small and mid-sized businesses (B2B) and is responsible for clients’ websites. From design and brand creation to development to marketing strategy and campaign execution.

How found more Time For Their Clients - Plesk
Miłosz Ryćko-Bożeński

Let’s be honest – nowadays it’s not too difficult to get into website building. One of the things that sets us apart from the freelancer and agency crowd is our focus on security, marketing and convenience. In our opinion it’s best for our clients if they focus on running their business instead of being distracted by creating or managing their websites.

Plesk WordPress Toolkit helped us create a product which fits the needs of a conscious market. Thanks to that, we can focus on giving value, sharing knowledge and helping our clients develop their online businesses. But it was not always smooth-sailing – Here’s our story.

How partnered with Plesk

How partnered with Plesk

"Without Plesk I wouldn’t have time to share my knowledge with my clients."

Two years ago, we decided to completely revamp the way our business runs. I wanted to find a solution that would allow me to utilize my wide range of technical skills. Plus offer me almost endless automatization.

At first, I was looking for free, open-source solutions. But then I found Plesk. And I fell in love with its possibilities right from the start. Plesk addresses the needs of people like me – understanding how crucial ease of use is. By pairing Plesk’s flexibility with my technical skills, I was able to create a highly automated product. Thanks to Plesk, my server ‘just works’.

"We love the transparency Plesk offers"

Another reason loves Plesk is the transparency it offers.The market is full of agencies who offer websites and hosting, but don’t give clients access to the server or WordPress admin panel. In our opinion, such an approach is unethical. With Plesk we can continue to perform our tasks, while also giving our clients freedom of action, plus a sense of security.

"Plesk works

When correctly configured, it works uninterrupted."

Plesk works. This may sound like a simplistic description, but it’s one of Plesk’s biggest advantages. By simply working, Plesk allows me to focus on sharing my knowledge with my clients. And helping them to improve their business.

How our business has improved

How our business has improved - Plesk

Since introducing Plesk and DigitalOcean, business has improved for us in a number of ways. Especially since our cost have lowered, as have our stress levels – We have more time. Also we have a market advantage.

  • Cost reduction.

Before partnering with Plesk, I considered hiring a dedicated server administrator. But, with Plesk, this was unnecessary. As it gave me operational freedom, allowing me to manage everything easily myself. With more time to dedicate to clients, I was also able to significantly lower the costs of my services.

  • Time and stress. 

Thanks to Plesk WordPress Toolkit and Smart Updates, managing my clients’ websites is almost maintenance-free. Moreover, if I have any issues, I simply contact the highly-qualified Plesk team, who always give timely responses. No longer do I have to worry that something will stop working any moment. Now I can act with a ‘don’t touch a running system’ phrase in mind.

  • Market advantage. 

Our partnership not only saves us time, but also gives us a market advantage. With more time, I can now offer a wider range of services. So I can fully meet all of my clients’ needs, including beginners, as well as advanced users, who may want to use specialized tools, like, for example, Docker.’s bright future’s Bright Future - Plesk

We have exciting plans in the pipeline. As an ongoing project, we want to further develop our services, as well as provide 99.99% yearly uptime. Moreover, we want to work on implementing High Availability solutions, and eventually translate our offer into English. Another plan for the future is to become a Plesk partner, and help in the development of the WordPress Toolkit.

We hope to maintain our strong and trusted relationship with Plesk WordPress Toolkit and DigitalOcean going forward. With them on board, I can continue to save valuable time, and work on helping my clients improve their business instead.

Duetsoft Profits Grow by 25% Using Plesk WordPress Toolkit & DigitalOcean

Duetsoft success story with Plesk and DigitalOcean - Plesk

Khandaker Ikrama, owner of Duetsoft web development agency, sheds light on how Plesk’s WordPress Toolkit helps his agency work effectively. Managing custom development and web design for WordPress on multiple customer websites. Read the story of Duetsoft, Plesk and DigitalOcean below.

Why we partnered with Plesk

Why Duetsoft partnered with Plesk

My agency began as a very small company two years ago. At that time, the agency’s ability to deliver services was wholly dependent on me and my skills. However, I soon made the decision to scale my business.

The problem was that all my customer’s had different site and maintenance priorities. And, unfortunately, I didn’t have a team large enough to cover all of their needs well. So I needed to find a reputable company to outsource all of these maintenance tasks.

Plesk came into the picture when I read a piece of content on WPMayor about How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Efficiently.

When I realized I could keep over a dozen websites simultaneously updated and supported with Plesk, I was relieved. Now I could put that extra time towards other activities – ones which might net the company a higher profit margin.

“Automation is a term I was familiar with - in this context it simply means having software or a tool that can perform a routine job automatically, without the need for constant input.”

Moreover, the fact that, with Plesk, I wouldn’t need to hire and manage a lot of freelancers was a bonus.

Duetsoft’s smooth transition to Plesk

Duetsoft's smooth transition into Plesk

“Plesk is super easy to install and configure on DigitalOcean in just a few clicks.”

Getting started with Plesk was as easy as 1-2-3: We used the Plesk One Click App from the DigitalOcean Marketplace. Then started with one website on DigitalOcean. The first test website went really well, and it just grew from there. The transition going forward was just as smooth as the test and startup phase.

I can honestly say that testing new plugins, features and design ideas is easy with the WordPress Toolkit Extension. You simply test everything in a sandbox before publishing live on the website. Furthermore, you don’t need any extra plugins or separate servers for this – the WordPress Toolkit in Plesk manages everything.

“The WordPress Toolkit is an agency dream, giving you an array of tools for customization, management, security, hosting, and automation for all your websites and the infrastructure they rely on.”

Overall, our partnership with Plesk has been one of honesty and transparency. And we always receive timely responses. This enables my agency to make sure our clients always have support on everything from basic requests to Remote Management or Smart Updates powered by AI from Plesk’s Extension Catalog.

Business benefits for Duetsoft

Business Benefits

The initial goal in using Plesk and the WordPress Toolkit was to automate and offload WordPress maintenance tasks. However, I got much more than I originally bargained for. There were three key areas in which Plesk helped my agency grow:

1. Revenues increased with more clients

‘’Since we started working with Plesk on DigitalOcean, revenue has increased - a lot!”

It wasn’t only about making various WordPress maintenance tasks easier and automating them as much as we could. But also about having the capacity to no longer turn clients away. Now, I can capture them all.

2. Profitability has gone up with investment in automation

The total amount of revenue coming in isn’t the only way I’m reaping the rewards either. Profit margins are much higher now, too. With the WordPress Toolkit, agency team members can now focus on tackling tasks that play to their strengths. It’s this investment in automation and task orchestration that’s made my operations run much more efficiently.

3. Greater functionality gave added value to customers

Since Plesk are WordPress specialists, and provide so many different features and functionality, I now feel as though my customers are truly taken care of. It’s this added value from features like Smart Updates powered by AI or Remote WordPress Management that has contributed to my agency’s growth.

Future goals for our Plesk partnership

Last year, a lot of our goals were based on basic financials. Now we want to move forward in 2019 (and beyond). We anticipate to continue to experience the same level of growth.

Khandaker Ikrama owner of Duetsoft Plesk

“My agency experienced a 25% increase in profitability”

I also hope to expand further on our value-added services. Managed services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world. eCommerce, in particular, is an area that I hope to do more with, as it’s a particular niche with a lot of ongoing needs. However, I believe that my agency, in conjunction with Plesk managed services, can easily take care of them.

Managing WordPress for one website or thousands doesn’t have to be a chore. And it shouldn’t be something that holds your company back from scaling, or generating a solid profit margin either. If you want to give the best to both your customers and your agency, then you need to work with an infrastructure provider and partner you can rely on. Thankfully I found trusted partners in Plesk WordPress Toolkit and DigitalOcean.

About Duetsoft

About Duetsoft Plesk

Duetsoft is an intentionally small web development agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They focus on custom development and web design for WordPress, the CMS of choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether they are individuals, resellers, ISVs, SMBs, or enterprises.

How Plesk Brought Order to My Agency –

How Plesk Brought Order to My Agency - and Plesk

The success story of how Plesk helped get aligned and serve their clients better than ever, as told by Kahl Orr.

One of the most challenging realities of scaling your business is being able to organize everything well. With more success comes more complexity I discovered – as the founder of web design and development startup, Rise.

I’m a web developer and entrepreneur, who developed a passion for coding and building websites when I was only in middle school. I’ve since turned that early love of web development into a thriving, digital startup that’s growing fast. is on track to breaking the half-million-dollar annual revenue mark this year alone. A true milestone that’s built on the back of designing and developing high-quality websites for a veritable army of very satisfied customers.

One thing is clear: I wouldn’t be where I am today without the capabilities of Plesk.

When Everything Was All Over the Place

When Everything was all over the place at

As expanded, it went from a solo operation, run just by me, to a team of 10 that I manage. Accounting for this growth was client work that became more demanding, with some clients owning dozens and dozens of websites. Due to this explosion of work, we outgrew our usual way of doing things.

We were hosting websites for our clients all over the place, under different hosting platforms. Managing them was difficult, and our processes weren’t able to be streamlined. When we needed to host about 100 websites for one client, we knew we needed a way to better organize things. That’s when we found Plesk.

A big reason for this disarray was our hosting solutions couldn’t support the magnitude of work we were taking on. I had that Aha! moment when I considered the hosting solutions we were providing clients with multiple websites. They were letting us down in terms of management, efficiency and ease of use.

That’s when I knew that we couldn’t support our breakneck growth if we stayed with our old website management habits. And so the search for a new and better hosting solution was underway. Luckily, I spoke to our team at Rackspace, who provides our IT support. They immediately recommended moving all our sites to a Plesk environment.

How Plesk Became a Game-Changer for

Plesk Obsidian

With any new platform, there’s always a learning curve, but I found that Plesk’s platform allowed us to learn it without any friction. That’s really saying something when you consider how feature-rich Plesk is.

We were not used to being able to manage all websites in one place or being able to quickly and easily set up and manage WordPress installs. Once we learned the platform, however, we were able to build efficient processes for our team to manage, update and maintain bulk sites from one Plesk environment. moved to Plesk to help better serve our larger clients with numerous websites. Now, we can set a Plesk install for all our larger clients with many websites. We can easily set up WordPress, update and maintain sites, manage databases and PHP versions at per-site level. All within one Plesk account.

It’s made our web administration and development teams’ lives so much easier. After only working in this more efficient environment for a short time, I was already able to see the difference. Here’s what our results were:

  • More productivity from ease of use
  • Better site management
  • Increased efficiency and processes
  • The ability for our IT support (Rackspace) to easily step in and help when needed

Needless to say, because of these positive results, I envision a long-term partnership with Plesk.

How We Use Plesk Today

Using Plesk Obsidian today

Currently, things are running like clockwork on Plesk. I really appreciate how the platform enables us to showcase our design and development savvy to our clients without missing a beat. Plesk’s platform is our go-to solution in order to manage bulk websites for a single client.

We work with several franchise corporations that have more than 100 locations and websites. Plesk allows us to offer them our services for bulk websites with confidence. All the headaches of a disunited hosting setup are now a thing of the past.

If I had to narrow down all the benefits the platform has given us to just a few bullet points, they would be:

  • The capacity to manage bulk websites in one place
  • The ability to easily manage single databases and server settings at the per-site level
  • The reality that Rackspace supports your platform, which means we didn’t need to switch support teams (always a plus!)

Of course, the benefits of Plesk aren’t just contained to its platform. In other words, I’ve seen measurable gains in my business that correlate to when I started using Plesk.

What Has Done Since Switching to Plesk since switching to Plesk

One of the best ways that I can think of to illustrate how a platform like Plesk empowers my agency is in the numbers and how it’s positively affected how I run it.

Year over year, my agency has already more than doubled its revenue. Such staggering growthcoming in such a short period of time—would not be possible without the streamlining of our hosting that Plesk has enabled.

The other side of the equation is what my life now looks like now. All thanks to the security of having such a better platform to serve our clients. These days, I can confidently transition into actually running my company as opposed to just working on our projects, like:

  • Growing my agency further by netting more clients
  • Delighting my existing client base
  • Leading my team to provide first-rate service to our customers

Plesk has been such a good fit with Rise that I really wish I’d discovered it sooner. The only thing I will advise anyone interested in using Plesk is to work with someone already experienced with Plesk. So that they can help get you up and running much quicker!

Rise Agency

Rise is a fast-growing web development agency, building high-end, custom websites and web and mobile apps for national brands.

The 7 best cities for digital nomads in Summer 2018

Best cities for digital nomads

Ready to explore new cultures? Want to try foreign delicacies and feel free whilst working anywhere in the world? Here’s our pick of the best cities for digital nomads worldwide this summer.

Imagine working on a beach in Barcelona or Thailand or looking to learn more about ancient ruins found in Malta that are older than the Pyramids. Looking for typical hipster cafes? Then Berlin and Marrakech would be the ideal. Perhaps your ideal working space is an Irish pub whilst enjoying some traditional music. You can make any of this happen – here’s how.

Take the leap: Live in the best cities for digital nomads

Perhaps a few years ago, digital nomadism would’ve been dubbed unusual. Nowadays, opportunities increased because this concept allows more people to move away from their standard office work environment. And work remotely while seeing what the world has to offer.

More and more take the leap into becoming nomadic, and living in the best cities for digital nomads. You’ll find that anyone can make this lifestyle work irrespective of age, personality, budget, and profession. All you need’s passion, work discipline and a spirit for adventure.

Top cities for digital nomads this summer

No matter if you’re dreaming of sandy beaches, greener pastures, or a new far-off location. This guide features European, Asian and African cities to help you decide where to take your office this summer.

Barcelona, Spain

Best cities for digital nomads - Barcelona

Interested in a place where it’s sunny all year round? Then Barcelona should be way up there on your list of best cities for digital nomads. The lifestyle is relatively cheap and there’s always something happening. Moreover, it’s established itself as the third best European city for co-working spaces and startup opportunities for freelancers.

Even though it’s a metropolitan city, it maintains a close connection to nature. Just to prove us right, pay a visit to the Collserola hills, or perhaps one of the sandy beaches such as Ocata, both nearby Barcelona.

Events for your calendar:

  • July 5-7: Rock Fest
  • June 17 – Aug 12: Greek Festival
  • August (3rd Week): Festa Mejor de Gracia (Artfest)

Malta Cities

Best cities for digital nomads - Malta

South of Sicily lies the tiny island of Malta, made up of two more sister islands, Gozo and Comino. Despite it being so small, it’s got loads to offer. From the multitude of temples and medieval settlements, to the Mediterranean cuisine, beaches, bars and nightlife. What more can you ask for?

You can be working from one of the coffee shops in the old capital city, Mdina. Or in a hipster cafe’ in the livelier parts like St. Julian’s. Or just soaking up the ever-present sun on one of the island’s stunning beaches. Either way, you’re pretty much sorted!

Events for your calendar:

  • May 31June 3: Earth Garden
  • June 29 – July 15: Malta International arts festival
  • July & August – Various wine festivals over the islands
  • July 17: The Malta Jazz Festival 2018

Galway, Ireland

Best cities for digital nomads - Galway

Taking on Ireland to find the best cities for digital nomads is a pretty good bet. If you want to experience a mixture of the old and the new, why not start your experience off in Galway?

Located in west Ireland, Galway City promises an unforgettable experience to all those who visit or reside. There’s something for everyone. It’s well-connected because you can work from libraries, coffee shops, squares, and even supermarkets. If you’re musically-inclined, you can even try your hand at busking on Shop Street. See picture above.

Events for your calendar:

  • July 30 – Aug 5: Galway Races
  • Sep 28 – 30: Galway International Oyster Festival

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland. Best cities for digital nomads

There’s a good reason why Ireland has featured twice on our list of best cities for digital nomads. Dublin City’s constantly buzzing with activity and so is a haven for remote workers and freelancers too. Because it provides a unique experience to all those who venture there.

The people are incredibly welcoming. The Celtic tradition is still very much alive, and music and history are practically everywhere you look. Dublin isn’t short of any Wi-Fi spots. Some are even made available on beaches outside the city. You might find yourself wanting to live in Ireland forever after you experience Dublin!

Events for your calendar:

  • June 17: Colour Dash Dublin
  • Sep 1 – 3: Electric Picnic

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany - best cities for digital nomads

Berlin is one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, with a wealth of art, culture, and history to discover. It’s one of the most inclusive cities around the world, renowned for embracing diversity. You can rent your own office working space for as little as €150 a month!

And there’s even a fantastic public transport network for a reasonable price. We also recommend anyone on a longer visit to get a monthly pass. Some of the most ideal parts for digital nomads to live in include culturally-diverse Kreuzberg, hip and arty Neukölln and trendy Prenzlauer Berg.

Events for your calendar:

  • June 9 – Sep 9: Berlin Biennale
  • July 3 – 7: Berlin Fashion Week

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand - best cities for digital nomads

If you’re looking for Instagram-perfect surroundings while typing away at your keyboard, there’s no better place than Phuket. You’d be in for an impressive coastline. One that features long stretches of sandy beaches, strung together by amazing rock formations, the wildest rainforest, and colonial remains.

Phuket boasts the most developed infrastructure and high-speed internet of all the surrounding Thai islands. One visit simply isn’t enough to one of the world’s best citeies for digital nomads. And it’s fair to say, compared to Europe, the cost of living in Phuket is by far cheaper.

Events for your calendar:

  • June 9 – 10: Laguna Phuket Marathon
  • July 18 – 22: Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek

Marrakech, Morrocco

Marrakech - best cities for digital nomads

Marrakech is a treasure for digital nomads.  Internet connection in coffee shops and small hotels is surprisingly good. Even though these places tend to be crowded. However, you’ll be in a better place with your smartphone. Because 3G data is quite cheap and efficient here.

Even more, co-working spaces are budding thanks to government aid given to young entrepreneurs. Therefore, Marrakech offers a similar lifestyle to western societies. With hipster cafes, fine dining, and the added bonus of amazing beaches, kitesurfing, and surfing.

Events for your calendar:

  • 14 – 16 September: Oasis Festival
  • 16 – 25 September: Le Boulevard Festival

Work Hard Anywhere (WHA!) App

So you’ve decided where you want to settle down. But you’re worrying about finding the right place to do some work. Look no further. The Work Hard Anywhere (WHA!) App is all about bringing together all digital nomads living in any location around the world. In order to find the perfect working spots in the best cities for digital nomads.

WHA app. Best cities for digital nomads - summer 2018

How does WHA work? Anyone can add a location to the app. So other creatives will rate the chosen spot according to the Wi-Fi speed, noisiness, parking and accessibility to outlets. Then, the community uses the Power Up function to ensure the info about each location is up to date.

At the moment, the app is only available to iOS users. However, developers hope to roll out an Android version too.

The digital nomadic lifestyle is all about learning, growth and the choice to do so while still working. This is a value we hold dear to us with many colleagues and customers being nomadic or working remote. Web professionals looking to optimize time during the summer.

Here’s what we thought about the nomadic 5 hour work day that Surf Office employ. Because freedom is being able to book flights anytime, anywhere without worrying about how much holiday leave you have left. So start exploring the best cities for digital nomads before we’re well into summer.

Our 5 Client Happiness Hacks for Digital Agencies to improve retention

Plesk talks about the 5 client happiness hacks to retain customers for your digital agency

If you look through advice aimed at agencies, you’ll quickly notice that it almost all focuses on landing more clients. But that’s just part of the story. You can also get more referrals by keeping your existing clients happy by using these five client happiness hacks.

Getting started is easy. Pick any hack from the list and try to use it this week. Then come back to this page and choose another one. Alternatively, if you’re focused on a single large client, put all these hacks into action faster to keep that big client – and your bank account – happy.

Pleskj shows how to keep clients happy when you're running a digital agency. Check outthis guy's happy face.

Hack #1: Proactively seek client feedback

If you wait for a client to complain about a problem, your agency is already in trouble. It’s damage control and burn the midnight oil time to make them happy again. Instead of assuming all is well, asking for client feedback regularly.

You’ll quickly strengthen your relationship with your client. And hear about problems when they’re still small and easy to deal with. You also find out about new project opportunities. Maybe they need a mobile app after the website’s finished? This approach also visibly demonstrates you care about your client’s success.

Putting this client happiness hack into action

  • Check out the book Crucial Conversations. On occasion (and hopefully rarely!), your clients will blast you with bad news. This book is full of helpful tools you and your team can use to navigate these high-stakes conversations smoothly.
  • Use surveys. Use an online survey tool like Survey Monkey to gather feedback from your clients at the end of each project, or annually for retainer clients.

Hack #2: Improve WordPress reliability

WordPress can be endlessly customized with plugins and other extension tools. Manually tracking every aspect of WordPress just doesn’t scale up. Unless you want to hire dedicated WordPress administrators, you might want to consider WordPress Toolkit by Plesk.

Using WordPress Toolkit improves client happiness in several ways. It enhances WordPress website security, so you won’t have to deal with the nightmare of a hacked client website. Furthermore, your clients will have access to all the latest capabilities because updates will be automated. Finally, you will have the ability to test new features in a test environment.

Putting this client happiness hack into action

  • Calculate the cost of manual WordPress work. Once you had it up, you will be surprised. We bet you are spending several hours per month per client just keeping WordPress sites up to date.
  • Upgrade your client’s WordPress experience. Check out the WordPress Toolkit and all it has to offer by clicking below.

Hack #3: Never miss a digital beat with Plesk

How many digital services and servers do you use each week for your clients?

If you have five clients, then it’s probably dozens. All these services bring advantages – like marketing automation and the ability to experiment on test servers. But there’s a dark side to all these services. What happens if you lose track of a critical service?

Your client’s site may go down, or a plugin may break. Using Plesk, you’ll have a single view that covers all your subscriptions, servers, and services. Your consistent delivery means that clients will never need to wonder or doubt your ability to deliver.

Putting this client happiness hack into action

  • Write up a list of your current services. If you have more than 10 critical services and servers, you need a better process.
  • Adopt Plesk to organize your agency’s services. If you are not organized, you cannot create results for your clients.

Hack #4: Challenge the client’s assumptions

Yes, you read that right. Challenging your client’s assumptions about their websites is critical to building long-term happiness. Here are a few ways to do that.

Challenge the client’s focus on custom development. Unlike digital agency owners, most clients are not immersed in the world of plugins, marketing automation, and related tools. When relevant, look for opportunities to propose using an off the shelf solution instead of building a new feature from scratch. Your client will save money, and the project will hit the finish line faster.

Identify the weak link in the client’s digital strategy. Your client may be focused on having a beautiful, high-performing website that can serve tens of thousands of users at a time. What about quality traffic? Without that, the client website will be a ghost town. If the traffic plan is weak, the client will not fall short of their business goals. They will be unhappy and may even blame the agency for not alerting them to the situation.

Putting this client happiness hack into action

  • Review your scope documents. Dust off these files and see what gaps you can find.
  • Ask the magic wand question. If your client had a magic wand to improve their business instantly, what kind of improvement would they like?

Hack #5: Carve out time for value-added ideas

What’s the difference between a right agency and a great agency? You might say creativity. That’s part of the story. Think about it from the client’s side. Why is creativity valuable? It helps them to achieve their goals faster.

To make your client’s happier, develop ideas that go beyond the assignment. Start with delivering the project – providing a new WordPress website. After that is complete, what other ways can you add value? Take a look at the client’s email list – is it active and growing? Alternatively, look at ways to reduce customer acquisition cost by adding referrals.

Putting this client happiness hack into action

  • Develop multiple option proposals. As consultant Alan Weiss recommends, every proposal you develop should include multiple options. The basic option will address what the client has requested while the other options add increasing value.
  • Look for the client’s blind spots. The client is deeply involved in their business, so they are going to have blind spots. To make your clients happier, constantly look for problems that you can fix. Propose additional projects to solve those problems.

What happens after you use these client happiness hacks

Using the client happiness hacks once is a good start. Making them into a regular habit is even better. By using these habits and Plesk to boost client happiness, you will be able to ask for and get referrals easily. Even better, you will feel better about your business because client complaints will become a distant memory.