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Slow website solutions: What costs you customers and how to fix it

Nowadays, website speed is an extremely important factor, especially for ecommerce sites. People have come to expect instant results to what they do online, and a slow loading website is a major pain point for the modern consumer. Here’s why slow loading websites cost you customers and some slow website solutions.

Slow websites create a poor user experience

Why slow websites cost you customers - poor user experience - Plesk

User experience is key when it comes to selling your products online. If customers are getting frustrated by how long it takes for your website to load, you can guarantee there won’t be much repeat business.

One of our slow website solutions is implementing browser and server-side caching to store frequently used data. So it can be retrieved much faster when needed, improving load speed by leaps and bounds.

Learn more about new NGINX Caching as part of the New Plesk Onyx.

Your SEO rankings will take a hit

If you rely heavily on the revenue you gain from your eCommerce site, then you probably already know how important SEO is to help you find new customers. But did you know that a slow site can be detrimental to your rankings? Google has made it very clear that websites with a faster load speed will be given precedence over others.

Why slow websites cost you customers - seo rankings take a hit - Plesk

A simple and effective way of improving speed for SEO is by optimizing all the images on your site. There are many different online tools that can significantly reduce the size of images without compromising the quality. You should also be aware of how the image format can affect this. JPEG images are less intensive on bandwidth than PNGs and GIFs, for example.

For more slow website solutions with regards to SEO, check out our Plesk SEO Toolkit.

Lag damages your brand’s image

Your online presence has a massive influence on how people perceive your brand. Many will pass on their experiences to others, on social media or through word of mouth. Page after page of slowly loading content might change your brand’s image, maybe even for good. As your brand may become associated with amateur practices.

To make sure your brand is being properly represented online, you should clean up your pages’ design. You can start by reducing the amount of CSS, JavaScript and image files. This will give your website a more contemporary aesthetic, while also increasing the page speed as the user will have to download less files to view the page.

You miss out on a lot of potential revenue

Why slow websites cost you customers - loss of potential revenue - Plesk

Customers today have more spending power than ever before, but they also have a limited amount of downtime too. This has led to a scenario where every millisecond counts on an ecommerce website. With a limited window of opportunity to complete objectives online, users seek faster websites. In fact, an eCommerce site that takes more than 3 seconds to load each page will have 22% lower conversions than an optimized website. That’s a lot of potential revenue lost.

So, what can you do to optimize your online sales?

  1. Clean up your website’s code to permanently increase its speed. You can remove a lot of unnecessary elements such as white spaces, comments and inline spacing.
  2. Get the Google Pagespeed Insights extension on Plesk – a tool that analyzes your website’s content and its performance before suggesting specific improvements.
  3. Let Speed Kit by Baqend boost your performance by up to 300%. Felix from Baqend explains the powerful Speed Kit extension here.

For ways to turbocharge your WordPress speed and performance, ready our tips.

A fast website leads to happy customers

These are only a few of the ways that a slow website can affect your revenue and your customer loyalty. However, for all slow website consequences, there are slow website solutions. And by optimizing your website’s speed, you’ll see a noticeable change in customer satisfaction and a steady increase in sales.

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