COVID-19 Announcement: Taking Responsible Action

We’re sure you have received similar updates from various organizations worldwide as we all adjust to the current corona virus status. Along with many other businesses, we recognize our responsibility to our customers, colleagues, and the world surrounding COVID-19.

Travel Cancelled

Firstly, we’re taking the threat very seriously and applying all possible measures to help hinder the virus from spreading further. Unfortunately, this means cancelling all business-related international travel and events. We’ll therefore not be able to meet our partners and friends at industry events this year. We’re deeply sorry for this, but we trust our colleagues and community understand our decision to put safety first.

Remote Continuity and Support

Many of our employees are already able to work remote all year round. Yet in light of the current COVID-19 situation, to protect ALL our employees spreading the virus, we’re encouraging everyone to work from home.

However, business at Plesk will continue as usual. And we’ll continue to provide the same level of service and support. Including our 24/7 customer support and sales advice, which you can access no matter what through our regular channels. So, although this crisis may hit some businesses hard, we will do our part to minimize any issues.

Doing Your Part During COVID-19

We ask that you do your part and follow World Health Organization guidelines. If you notice any common signs of COVID-19 infection, including respiratory symptoms, cough, fever, shortness of breath – please self-isolate. Then follow the directions of your local health authority.

There’s lots of advice out there on how to protect yourself against infection. We won’t add more to the conversation here. Instead, head to the WHO website where you can find reliable information on how to stay safe. Plus, situation updates according to location, and more trusted guidance.

Remote Working Tips During COVID-19 Quarantine

As many of you know, we’re no strangers to remote working. But now, our colleagues and friends in offices will be spending more time working from home. Few can roll out of bed and blast out a day’s work with little structure and planning. Especially if you have pets, children, or a workspace close to the kitchen.

So, we’re giving you a little support during this COVID-19 self-isolation transition – or a reminder if you’re remote already. Here are our top three remote working tips from people who do it successfully everyday:

1. Replicate a normal workday

You don’t have to give up the same level of focus, motivation, and productivity normally associated with the office. But when a part of your home becomes your workplace, it can be hard to treat it as such. To make this happen, it helps to pretend you’re going to work.

Do everything you would normally do to prepare yourself for the working day. Set your alarm, have a wash and present yourself well. Find a quiet, clean, dedicated space, and take regular breaks. Just don’t allow yourself to spend the afternoon in bed with a pack of doughnuts worrying about COVID-19.

2. Talk to other humans

When you’re in an office environment, talking to colleagues is something that happens naturally throughout the day. But when working from home, whole days can pass, communicating only via email or Slack. Or talking in baby voices to your pets.

Make talking to people as important in your day as eating or finding funny quarantine memes. Whenever you have five or ten minutes, call a friend or family member. If nothing else, to connect and take a well-deserved break from the grind.

3. Take care of your health

When you work from home, some of the key parts of your day can suddenly disappear. A prime example is the morning commute. Even if it’s a mad rush, it helps wake the body and mind. Gradually getting us into the right mindset to start working. Even short walks suddenly disappear.

So, make sure to squeeze in some daily movement that can easily be done indoors. Ensure you’re making the progress you need while also taking care of your physical and mental health amidst COVID-19 stresses.

Another way to combat these changes is to get started on your to-do list asap. The more you get done earlier in the day, the more in control and motivated you’ll be. We appeal to all our partners and customers to stay healthy, don’t panic and follow official local and international guidelines. Let’s hope for a quick end to this situation so we may return to normality soon enough.

Have some tips for working from home amidst the recent public health concerns? Share them with us by leaving us a comment below!

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