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The Jetpack Extension in WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit 4.5 is finally introducing the ability to purchase Jetpack plans through Plesk. This feature is the result of a lengthy collaboration between us and Automattic (owners of WordPress). It has actually been many months in the making. The key fact is that now any user has access to WordPress Toolkit can purchase Jetpack. And not just server administrators.

Note: To disable this ability on the server, add jetpackPluginUpgradeEnabled = false to your panel.ini file. This information is also available directly in the Release Notes. Also keep in mind that you can’t resell Jetpack licenses at the moment. We may work on it in the future – let’s see how it goes.

However, to purchase Jetpack, users first need to install it on a website and activate it. We’ve added a special checker that lets you know what you need to do from a user perspective:

jetpack 1 - upgrade checklist

After that, you can purchase Jetpack by clicking Upgrade on the Plugins tab of the website card:

jetpack extension in WordPress Toolkit - plugin upgrade

Alternatively, you can click Upgrade in the Plugins installation dialog:

jetpack 3 -plugins and themes

Either action will take you to our Online Store, where you can purchase one of Jetpack plans and wait for an email from Automattic that confirms the plan activation. The confirmation process usually takes just a couple of minutes. But if you’re really impatient, you can click the Refresh icon to make WordPress Toolkit check the current status of your purchase.

Jetpack has four plans

  • Free
  • Personal
  • Premium
  • Professional

You can find the details of what’s included in each tier here. Due to some technical limitations, you can only upgrade Jetpack by purchasing a new plan and cancelling the current one. Don’t worry, we’ll be fixing this inconvenience in the near future.

Introducing Jetpack through WordPress Toolkit is pretty huge because finally end-customers can benefit as well as server admins. Moreover, the Jetpack extension has opened some doors, technically speaking, which should help us develop similar end-customer products in the future.

The feature will be enabled for retail customers hosting Plesk on Digital Ocean first. In fact, we’ve already started the rollout process. We’ll make it available for everyone in due time, after we’ve made 100% sure that all the parts of this complex integration equation are working as intended when live.

We’re looking for some early feedback so let us know what your Jetpack experience is like below!

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Andrey Kugaevskiy
Andrey is the Program Manager at Plesk in charge of everything to do with the Plesk WordPress Toolkit.

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