Plesk Brand Guidelines

The strength of our Brand relies on the consistent and appropriate use of our Brand Assets – Logos, colors, typeface and others. While there are very limited instances where the use of our Plesk Brand Assets are permitted, we are publishing these Brand Guidelines to assist you in properly using our Brand Assets in the exceptional cases. If in doubt, please reach out to [email protected]

Our brand mascot

Elvis Plesky
Meet Elvis Plesky, your all-in-one WebOps and DevOps geek. Graphically, Elvis was brought to us through an illustrative style that reflects the modern, flat design that reflects the technology industry Plesk is part of.

Elvis Plesky is an intelligent, multi-tasking Octopus who uses all eight tentacles to manage many different server tasks and components in the background, so as to simplify the lives of Web Professionals. Elvis is also a friendly buddy to web agencies and helps them build, secure and run websites and applications. With Elvis around, you can finally focus on developing and designing great websites and applications, and stop worrying about operations and maintenance chores.


Plesk font
An integral part of the Plesk brand is the typography we use to communicate with our customers. Our typeface reinforces the consistency of our brand. It provides enhanced readability and represents quality, simplicity, ease of use for which Plesk is known.
Primary fonts: Lato

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