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The Plesk Docker Quiz | 5 Minutes

We’re back with this month’s edition of the Plesk Onyx quiz. And it’s all for you really. We want to see how much you know about Plesk and all it’s components, in order for you to get the most out of our product. And even share with your friends and colleagues to see how you stack up against them 😉 Go through today’s quick Plesk Docker quiz in order to see if there’s something you’ve missed!

Plesk Onyx and Docker

Docker as support to Plesk Onyx helps you meet the evolving requirements of your customers. Docker is open-source and automates deploying Linux applications inside lightweight software containers. These containers provide the same features as virtual machines (VMs).

The key difference is that containers share the host system’s kernel with other containers. This removes the resource overhead of running a hypervisor (hardware emulation) for each individual environment. It also optimizes disk use, because containers don’t need to have the entire system inside them. And it speeds up deployment too!

But how well can you manage and run web applications with Plesk on Docker? And are you getting the most out of the free Docker extension installed on your Plesk? Because Plesk Docker has a lot to offer.

Read about the 6 essentials on Docker containers here and check out Plesk on Docker Hub too.

Plesk Docker Quiz

You’ve got 15 questions coming up – but it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to answer, Choose the best answers according to your knowledge and get your instant score, No cheating – or it doesn’t count!

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What’s your Plesk Docker Quiz score?

Finally, how was that quiz for you? Did you get your perfect score, or are you not quite there yet? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook. You’ll also see how your peers found the challenge 😉 .

But if you want to do better and get better from Plesk Docker, you’re in luck. Because we have a free Plesk University course, dedicated to learning more about Plesk Onyx and DockerThere may be something you’re missing.

First off, start by clicking below to discover and get the course. Then complete it for your own Plesk Docker certificate. Meanwhile, new to Plesk University? Then take a minute to sign up first, before you click “Get this Course” and get started.

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