Workshops and Networking for Plesk Team at CodeFest 11

This spring, kicking off a new season of live, Covid-compliant events, one of the most well-known Russian IT conferences took place in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. CodeFest, held annually in the city, welcomed thousands of participants online and offline, including a Plesk team of 26 people!

Over the duration of the IT focused event, the Plesk team gave one presentation, ran three workshops, and even organized a Digital Detox for all the conference attendees. Let’s take a look at how it went!

Plesk Presents…

Pavel Vasilevich, Team Lead in the Russian office of Plesk, gave a presentation at CodeFest 11 on how to collect security information using various DevSecOps tools. As the topic of security is extensive, in the report Pavel highlighted those areas where the use of tools is especially relevant. This included vulnerabilities and sensitive data in the code, infrastructure and network, and cloud security.

Combining this data, Pavel sought to answer the question: how do you combine data from different sources, work with them centrally?

CodeFest speaker Pavel Vasilevich Plesk

“The topic of security is not covered very often at CodeFest, so it was an experiment for me. I tried to make the report as interesting as possible for developers, testers, DevOps, tried to show that it is possible to deal with security issues at all stages of the development cycle and why it matters.”


Pavel Vasilevich, Team Lead at Plesk

Inspiring Workshops

Also during the two days of the CodeFest event, Plesk organized a series of workshops to inspire the attending IT professionals.

Plesk team member Denis Gorbatykh led an interactive workshop based on the question, ‘How do you plan for big tasks without losing control?’ The discussion involved 40 active participants, and ended up accumulating the experiences of many specialists to find the answers!

In a separate workshop, Plesk speakers Alexey Vokhmyanin, Olga Perevozkina and Oleg Neumyvakin presented on the topic of hyper-responsibility.

In the discussion with attendees, they shared twenty scenarios and discussed distribution of responsibilities, diagnosing and understanding when workloads are overwhelming, and the harmful effects of hyper-responsiveness. It was a great chance for attendees to rethink and share valuable experiences, and was a great success!

Digital Detox

Specially for the event, the Plesk team provided a lounge zone based on the theme “Digital Detox”. The space had no screens, no computers, no internet connection; instead, Plesk freed attendees from devices by providing the opportunity to chat, play board games, and play musical instruments. There was even a huge lego board that attendees were welcomed to add their creations to!

Such an atmosphere was perfect for networking and relaxation. The main topics of discussions in this detox zone were personal and friendly, or discussing corporate culture.

Here is some feedback from participants in the Digital Detox:

  • “[Plesk] always have so many people and everything is very emotional”.
  • “Plesk keeps its brand. No one communicates at conferences as they do”.
  • “It is clear that everything is not just a pretense for the sake of the conference. You truly live like this.”

The ‘playground’ turned out to be a very warm and quirky place, and the friendly atmosphere charged everyone with positive emotions for a long time.

Here at Plesk, we are looking forward to the next opportunity to be a part of such a big IT event! Did you make it to CodeFest? What would you like to see at your next IT conference? Let us know below!

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