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Elvis Plesky

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Most Important Linux Commands

Linux commands

Administrators typically rely on a command-line interface (CLI) when managing a Linux remote system (such as a virtual private server). Numerous Linux distros feature a graphical user interface (GUI), which some users may find more helpful than a CLI. However,…

Cron Jobs: All You Need To Know

Cron Jobs

On Linux and other Unix systems, cron is a scheduler tool that enables you to set up automated tasks known as “cron jobs”. Tasks don’t need to be executed over and over again when you generate cron jobs, which can…

Using Fail2ban to Secure Your Server

Fail2Ban guide Plesk blog

Protecting your server from malicious attacks is paramount in today´s digital landscape. Fail2ban, a robust log-parsing application, serves as a vigilant guardian, monitoring system logs for signs of automated assaults on your VPS instance. As you delve into this tutorial,…

NGINX Configuration Guide

NGINX configuration guide Plesk

NGINX is a web server designed for use cases involving high volumes of traffic. It’s a popular, lightweight, high-performance solution. One of its many impressive features is that it can serve static content (media files, HTML) efficiently. NGINX utilizes an…

403 Forbidden Error: What Is It & How To Fix It

403 errors Plesk blog

Does the term ‘403 forbidden’ seem familiar? It’s not just tech jargon; it’s a significant roadblock that can hinder your website’s performance. As a website owner, encountering this error can be particularly frustrating, especially when it restricts access to crucial…

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