EPP key

A code that contains a series of numbers, Extensible Provisioning Protocol keys or EPP keys are required to enable the transfer of domain from one registrar to another. Sometimes people also call the EPP key an authorization code. Transfer Secret Key is another common name for the EPP key.

Your current registrar will generate an EPP key, this code is checked through a global registry to make sure that it is valid. The EPP key is required by your new registrar when you try to transfer a domain to your new registrar. There is a unique EPP key for each domain, and you will never find two EPP keys that are similar. When you transfer a number of domains you will need to get a unique EPP key for each of the domains.

EPP keys are essentially a security measure that prevents the unauthorized transfer of domain names. If you find that someone other than your registrar requests your EPP key you must make sure that the request is not for a fraudulent purpose.

The most obvious reason for making use of an EPP key is the move of a domain name from one registrar to another registrar. Note that you will need to access the administrative email for your domain before you start to make a domain transfer.

Your current registrar is the party that must supply an EPP key to you. You need to log in to your registrar’s website and request an EPP key for transfer. Every registrar must provide some way to obtain an EPP key for transfers.

Note that you need to change your domain’s status to unlocked before you will be able to get an EPP key. Your domain provider’s control panel will enable you to check the status of your domain, and allow you to change it to unlocked if necessary.

When you get your EPP key you can provide it to your new web host, you will get an email to your domain’s administrative email confirming the request.

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