Domain Transfer

Sometimes you need to move your domain from one registrar to a different domain registrar. This is called a domain transfer. Ordinarily, it is quite easy to move your domain from one domain registrar to the other, and nothing about your domain needs to change during this process. Note that occasionally a registrar will levy a fee if you want to transfer a domain to another domain registrar.

As the owner of a domain, you are free to transfer your domain to another domain registrar at any time. There is one exception: if you have just registered your domain you must wait 60 days before you can transfer your domain.

Also, be aware the domain transfers are not quick. It can take a few days or in some cases even a few weeks if you want to transfer your domain – and sometimes the company which currently acts as your registrar can try to delay the transfer.

It is important therefore to never try to transfer your domain just before it expires. If you do this you might find that the expiry date is within the transfer period. If that happens you will find it very difficult or even impossible to recover your domain.

The requirements for a successful domain transfer

There a couple of points you need to have in place to make sure that your domain transfer proceeds successfully:

  • You must confirm that you own the domain
  • The domain lock should be set to unlocked before transfer
  • Your domain must have last been transferred no more than 60 days ago
  • The domain must be older than 60 days
  • You need to acquire an EPP Key (also know authorization code) from the company that is currently your domain registrar

Don’t forget, transferring your domain will take a few days and may take even longer than that.

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