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Catch-all email means you will never miss a message again. Email is still one of in the most important ways that most businesses communicate with their customers. That’s why your email account is so crucial for your website.

The catch-all email feature is one of many tools which are there to help you better manage your emails. What it does is a kind of email forwarding, but with one key difference. It picks up any emails sent to inactive or incorrect email addresses on your domain name and forwards them to a single mailbox that you choose. It’s a simple way of ensuring that important emails get to you, even if they’re incorrectly addressed.

Catch-all email forwarding lets you pick up emails for mailboxes that don’t even exist. Well, they exist in name if nothing more. This means that you can tell your customers to send their sales queries to [email protected] or support queries to [email protected] They’ll think that you have separate departments—even if you are just a one-man (or woman) band—which might be good for enhancing your business in their eyes.

The other benefit of catch-all email is that if someone gets your email address wrong then the message will still be forwarded to your main inbox anyway. People are only human, so mistakes are bound to happen, but this way, mistyping won’t lead to you missing out on an important communication.

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