Email Forwarding

Email forwarding means you need never miss an email again. If you want to switch email provider and use a different account, then email forwarding is an ideal way of making sure that you still receive all the mail that goes to your old inboxes. It also helps you to easily manage all your email messages in one place. So, if you switch the email provider or housing provider for your site then you won’t be lumbered with the need to create new email accounts. Just check to ensure that your new host offers mail forwarding options first.

Email forwarding is useful for both the redirecting and resending of individual emails that would normally be done manually. It also automates the redirection of all emails from one account to another. Hosting and email providers usually offer simple interfaces to let you quickly set up email forwarding, so it needn’t be difficult.

You should normally only specify the email addresses that you need. Hosting providers sometimes offer email forwarding as either a free or paid service depending on what plan you’re on. If you have old email accounts that you don’t check regularly or know that you won’t use anymore then setting up forwarding to your main email inbox makes perfect sense.

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