Insercorp leverages partnerships with industry leaders, including Plesk and AWS, to deliver managed, scalable, automated cloud solutions powered by Plesk Onyx. Insercorp works with our clients to develop the best solutions and provides scalable options for clients to manage their own Plesk instances or take advantage of Insercorp’s experienced team of Plesk Certified technicians.

Insercorp also provides its proprietary Website Content Management System, iPlasmaCMS2, exclusively on Plesk servers. Website Development companies looking for a more secure, user-friendly, and customizable solution to open-source products like WordPress can offer Insercorp’s proprietary system through Insercorp-managed Plesk Onyx servers.

Managed cloud and dedicated web server and web application hosting solutions deliver automated, secure, and scalable services across multiple networks.

  • Over a decade of experience running servers powered by Plesk for hundreds of websites and applications, delivering content to millions of Internet users.
  • Our automated server deployment, administration, monitoring, and maintenance practices bundled with the powerful features offered through Plesk Onyx greatly reduce the cost burden and time investment for smaller website development companies and freelancers, allowing our agency clients the freedom to do what they do best.
  • Insercorp offers custom dedicated and scalable cloud solutions including white-label for both web service providers and direct clients (including private and public sector organizations).
  • Insercorp can deploy across multiple cloud networks as well as provision dedicated servers in almost any region in the world.

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About Insercorp

Insercorp is one of Virginia’s leading managed web solution providers. In addition to providing its proprietary, secure, user-friendly content management system iPlasmaCMS2, Insercorp partners with industry leaders like Plesk to offer a range of managed Web-based services and solutions including secure cloud and dedicated hosting, custom website design and development, creative design services, search engine marketing and online advertising, email and event marketing, business communication systems, and domain name registration and business email hosting.

Insercorp supplements and often augments many business roles to assist our clients, often working directly with C-level executives and Directors as well as working directly with Communications and Technology managers to plan, design, develop, implement, and maintain custom websites and web-based applications. Insercorp also works with local government officials, small business owners, directors of non-profits, and health care administrators to develop the most cost-effective, automated, and secure solutions for websites and web-based applications.

Insercorp, founded in 2007 as Bradshaw-Kimbrel Technology Group, LLC and incorporated in 2010 as Insercorp LTD, is based in a rural region of Hampton Roads, Virginia in the small city of Franklin. Insercorp hires and trains locally and supports many community and educational events and organizations.

Insercorp, an A+ accredited BBB member, provides quality managed creative and web-based solutions to business, education, government, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations. Insercorp’s work has received first place awards on State and National levels.

abaton EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH

The best control panel is just good enough!
Plesk is a comprehensive control panel solution used by leading hosting providers worldwide for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. Plesk makes it easy to manage your server and websites. Our portfolio includes the following offers with Plesk:

CMS hosting
Content Management Systems like TYPO3, Joomla! or WordPress need more than a generic web host. In order to be able to use functions such as automatic graphic processing, server-side creation of PDF files, generation offonts etc. for your CMS, abaton offers you two tailor-made products. The power user management of Plesk Onyx is included as standard at no additional cost. Thus all necessary configurations are possible, e.g. Email and database
management, PHP settings, DNS management or website statistics.

SECURE Hosting
The biggest advantage of having a secure host compared to a normal webhost is security! The abaton SECURE host is an innovation from abaton and in the true sense a hybrid solution. On the one hand, it is as cheap and easyt o use as a normal webhost. On the other hand, it offers the security and technical advantages of having your own root server. Root access included! All Plesk editions are optionally available here.

VPS Hosting
Since 2001, we are one of the first European providers to offer you a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Linux for hosting your applications. A VPS with Linux combines the price advantages of a shared host with the technical advantages of a dedicated root server. The Plesk Onyx Web Admin Edition is included at no additional cost. Upgrade to either Web Pro or Web Host Editions for a surcharge.

SuperServer (and Root Server)
With the SuperServer (Virtual Dedicated Root Server) from abaton you get your own root access – at the price of a VPS solution. The hardware resources are scalable when needed and are guaranteed allocated. This achieves maximum performance and completely eliminates overbooking! All Plesk Onyx editions are available as options.


Das beste Control Panel ist gerade gut genug
Plesk ist eine umfassende Control Panel-Lösung, die weltweit von führenden Hosting-Anbietern für Shared, Virtual und dediziertes Hosting genutzt wird. Plesk ermöglicht die einfache Verwaltung Ihres Servers und Ihrer Websites. Unser Portfolio umfasst folgende Angebote mit Plesk:

CMS Hosting
Content Management Systeme wie TYPO3, Joomla! oder WordPress benötigen mehr als einen gewöhnlichen Webhost. Damit Sie für Ihr CMS Funktionen wie automatische Grafikbearbeitung, serverseitige Erstellung von PDF-Dateien, Generierung von Schriften usw. nutzen können, bietet abaton Ihnen zwei maßgeschneiderte Produkte an. Die Power User Verwaltung von Plesk Onyx ist standardmäßig ohne zusätzliche Kosten inkludiert. Damit sind alle nötigen Konfigurationen möglich, z.B. E-Mail- und Datenbank-Verwaltung,
PHP-Einstellungen, DNS-Management oder Website-Statistiken.

SECURE Hosting
Der größte Vorteil eines Secure-Host, verglichen mit einem normalen Webhost, ist die Sicherheit! Der abaton SECURE-Host ist eine Innovation von abaton und im eigentlichen Sinn eine Hybrid-Lösung. Er ist einerseits so günstig und einfach zu bedienen, wie ein normaler Webhost. Andererseits bietet er die Sicherheit und die technischen Vorteile eines eigenen Root Servers. Root-Zugang inklusive! Alle Plesk Onyx Editionen sind hier optional verfügbar.

VPS Hosting
Als einer der ersten europäischen Provider bieten wir Ihnen seit 2001 für das Hosting Ihrer Applikationen einen Virtuellen Privaten Server (VPS) mit Linux an. Ein VPS mit Linux verbindet die preislichen Vorteile eines Shared Host mit den technischen Vorteilen eines dedizierten Root Servers. Die Web Admin Edition von Plesk Onyx ist ohne zusätzliche Kosten inkludiert. Die Web Pro oder Web Host Edition ist optional gegen Aufpreis verfügbar.

SuperServer (und Root Server)
Mit dem SuperServer (Virtuell Dedizierten Root Server) von abaton erhalten Sie einen eigenen Root-Zugang – zum Preis einer VPS-Lösung. Die Hardware-Ressourcen sind bei Bedarf skalierbar und werden garantiert zugewiesen. Damit wird die maximale Performance erreicht und eine Überbuchung gänzlich ausgeschlossen! Alle Plesk Editionen sind optional verfügbar.

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About abaton

abaton is an Austrian full Internet service agency with almost 20 years of experience and brings your Internet project online. All processes of Internet programming and high-performance hosting solutions for content management systems go hand in hand with us. We stand for open source solutions in web projects, Austria as an exclusive server location and personal support for our customers.

abaton guarantees personal support – in an emergency, we are available to our customers around the clock via our (paid) service hotline from Austria.


abaton ist eine österreichische Full Internet Service-Agentur mit fast 20jährigen Erfahrung und bringt Ihr Internetprojekt ins Netz. Bei uns laufen alle Vorgänge von Internet-Programmierung und leistungsstarken Hostinglösungen für Content Management Systeme Hand in Hand. Wir stehen für Open Source-Lösungen bei Webprojekten, Österreich als
ausschließlichen Serverstandort und persönlichen Support für unsere Kunden.

abaton ist Garant für persönliche Unterstützung – im Notfall steht wir unseren Kunden über unsere (kostenpflichtige) Service-Hotline aus Österreich rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung.