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The Best YouTube Videos for Tech Inspiration

Does your development work require you to come up with new ideas? Sharpen your problem-solving abilities? In that case, take a look at these tech YouTube channels. Come back to these channels when you are stuck on a problem or need to get out of a rut.


Year after year, TED continues to deliver ideas, research and more in a compelling format. There are two reasons why you should make time to watch TED Talks from time to time. First, you will pick up some new insights to better understand the world. Second, TED talks are excellent examples of public speaking success, especially for short presentations.The following is one of our favorites.

Make Better Decisions – By Thinking Like a Computer

Where is Cyber Crime coming from?

How much do you really know about cybercrime? As a developer, cybersecurity is on your mind as you build. Have you ever wondered about the broader story behind cybercrime?


You’ll see a lot of tech websites out there competing for your attention and some will transform their content into videos. TechCrunch has gone down the same route, but we think it does it best. Among the many videos on their channel, you’ll see exclusive interviews, commentary, debates and the latest tech-related news.

Some of the best YouTube videos for tech inspiration that you’ll see on this channel have to be the talk-show kind. This is where some hosts or prominent tech figures will have a discussion on current tech issues and/or their effects and consequence son the world today.

After You Watch the Best YouTube Videos for Tech Inspiration

Say you’ve just watched something that inspired an idea or sparked your interest in an issue. Now what’s next? What if you want to take it further – maye even pick up a new skill or join a project or cause? In the case of development or tutorial-oriented videos, schedule 30 minutes in your calendar to tinker with the idea. You can thank us later.

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      Ronny Johnson

      Here i disagree with you sir. You said “Make Better Decisions – By Thinking Like a Computer” but all of us know man made a computer not computer made us. They work on our instructions and they don’t work without a single instructions giving to them. So i will totally disagree with you here. If we take today’s time also, we can say that computer works itself in the face of robots. But we can’t forget that they also work when we want to operate them don’t itself. So i think you should have to change here. I come to your site for different purpose of Hostgator Hosting Reviews but when i read. My mind forced me to comment for this. I regret if i said something wrong. Anyways except this you make your article nice.

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      Nice Man keep it Up

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      thanks i agree with u.

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