Our 8 Best Tech Podcasts To Keep You Motivated This Week

Without a doubt, the web is full of podcasts for developers and programmers, but not all have equal value. In fact. many podcasts lack real substance and end up being a waste of your time. The following 8 best tech podcasts, however, are so stimulating that your colleagues would have to pull your earphones out to stop you listening to them.

this week in google podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

This Week in Google is a weekly show which broadcasts live on TWiT.tv and is then available for download 24 hours later. Leo Laporte and Jeff Jarvis are the hosts who cover several topics. Including cloud computing, programming and, of course, news from Google.

Joining the hosts are a variety of guests from the industry who discuss current realities and future trends. The show first premiered in 2009 and has now become a major source of in-depth tech news.

best tech podcasts - Joe Casabona - How I built it - Plesk

The ideal podcast for any aspiring creator, How I Built It introduces you to the creators behind some of the tech industries’ biggest successes. Our friend, Joe Casabona, interviews product owners and developers to understand their journey from concept to realization. Entrepreneurs share their experiences of how their idea was transformed into a product or business.

Guests of the show include representatives of Time Doctor, EDD Bookings and our Plesk CTO. Joe releases a new episode of How I Built It weekly, with a running time of approximately 45 minutes.

3.  Hackable

Hackable podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

Covering the more sinister side of the tech industry, Hackable sheds light on the reality of cyber criminality. Geoff Siskind is the host of the show and is joined by Bruce Snell, a cybersecurity expert. Together, they alert us of possible threats and provide practical solutions to protect ourselves and our systems.

By understanding the criminal mind, the show’s participants can suggest reliable security tools. Plesk’s security extensions, for example, can protect sites and servers from the threats discussed in Hackable.

4.  Clockwise

Clockwise podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

Perfect to listen to on your daily commute, Clockwise is a technology show which is a maximum of 30 minutes long. Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent host each show with two guests who are experts in their respective fields.

The quick discussion and little banter allow you to get the knowledge you seek without wasting any time. Topics you’ll hear about during Clockwise include tech repair, hosting solutions and new device releases.

5.  Epicenter

epicenter podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and De-centralized Cloud Hosting are more than just buzzwords nowadays. They’re practical technologies being used in a growing number of industries around the world. Epicenter provides you with unparalleled access to entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers whose purpose is growing the use of these technologies.

Join Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture, Meher Roy, and all their guests put you right in the forefront of this complex transformation.

Accidental Tech podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

Some of the greatest inventions of the world happened by accident, just like the Accidental Tech Broadcast. The show was originally intended to be a car show but somehow became a tech show. The podcast’s creators and hosts are Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa and together they bring you a variety of tech news and updates.

Accidental Tech Broadcast is entertaining and lighthearted, while still providing valuable knowledge and reviews of the latest developments. Including hosting solutions and cloud computing. In case you’re wondering, the hosts did eventually start a car show too!

whyd-you-push-that-button podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

Ever wondered whether you control technology or whether it controls you? This and other philosophical questions are discussed in a show that is half technology and half sociology. The hosts are The Verge’s own Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany. And several guests join them to discover the impact which technology has on society and decision-making.

Now in its third season, the show focuses particularly on how social media affects different generations. And how to become less vulnerable to criticism from your online followers.

8.  Decrypted

decrypted whyd-you-push-that-button podcast - 8 best tech podcasts - Plesk

Decrypted is a technology show which brings you news and analyzes the most important trends in the industry. It is powered by Bloomberg and led by Brad Stone together with a team of experienced reporters. Decrypted is able to gain access where most other podcasts cannot.

Previous shows have included the AI technology used in Facebook Ads and what led to the current Tesla crisis. A new podcast is normally available every Mondays and is around 30 minutes long. Making it an ideal listen to start your week.

What are your best tech podcasts?

The podcasts featured in this list open you up to get expert knowledge and advice about important technology developments. Such as web hosting, cloud computing, and Blockchain technology. This curated list includes a mix of light-hearted and serious reporting so that you can choose the podcast that fits your current mood.

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