How Your Feedback Can Improve Plesk Products

How Your Feedback Can Improve Plesk Products - Plesk

At Plesk, we value input from our community the most. Because user feedback allows us to grow our product since our first release 20 years ago.

In other words, we’re data-driven, yes, but we also want to hear suggestions straight from our community. Because we understand that your support will help us improve all our products. And indeed, at Plesk we have an ever-growing list of features

Our technical team members are hungry for feedback. And so, we’re inviting you to meet a few of them and learn first-hand about how they work with your contributions.

Why Feedback Is Essential to Us

How to Contribute

There are different ways you can provide feedback and be part of Plesk. Let’s go through those point by point:

  • Plesk Community Discussion Forum: Welcome to our most important source of inspiration. A meeting place for the Plesk family where you can discuss, share and learn.
  • User Voice: Do you have an idea for new functionalities? This is the place where you can share your needs, as well as vote for existing feature proposals. It’s likely that the forthcoming versions of Plesk will include the top-ranked suggestions.
  • Plesk Online Community: Feel free to exchange tips, look for advice, and get hosting updates on this Facebook page. Our teams from all departments talk to the community, from CTO, to sales or technical support. Here is the place where you get the latest scoops on the product, as well as where you can have direct dialogues with Pleskians.
How to contribute - How Your Feedback Can Improve Plesk Products - Plesk

Feedback Is Essential to Us from All Sources

Those above are the main feedback sources when a new product feature is chosen for implementation. On top of that, our Product Managers strive to remain in contact with the business environment to identify needs and meet emerging trends.

Program managers are also in permanent contact with support teams for gathering information on the most required feats, or bugs to crush. For some top features, they test hypotheses on-site or create surveys and send them to customers for review.

Bottom line – all you need to do is speak to us. We’ll hear and make the magic happen 🙂

And always remember: Build, Secure, and Run!

Where do you feel most comfortable sharing feedback? Let us know about your preferences in the comment section below.

Plesk receives awards for Top Usability, Support and Business Relationships

Plesk awarded by G2 Crowd

Safe to say we’ve had a great 2018 so far. We got happy news when G2Crowd congratulated us on the multiple top rewards we achieved this year! And it’s thanks to all the positive reviews from the verified users, who rated and reviewed Plesk.

From day one we’ve had the user in mind and tailored all our solutions accordingly. Now, real users – web hosters, developers and more – have identified Plesk as one of the best solution providers in our field. This based on their high levels of satisfaction and how likely they are to recommend Plesk to friends and colleagues. What more could we ask for?

Who are G2 Crowd anyway?

G2 Crowd and PleskG2 Crowd is a leading business review directory, with over 381,000 reviews and more than 1 million users visiting every month. You can use G2 Crowd to gain unique insights in order to drive better purchasing decisions. Then compare and choose tech services based on your peers’ reviews and social data.

Plesk set up an account on G2 Crowd as another way of getting to know our customers and collecting feedback, outside of our own channels. And boy did we learn a lot along the way Especially when it came to add-ons that users needs and the ever-improving UI. See our latest update on how we knocked multiple issues out of the park.

Rankings on G2 Crowd reports are based on data provided to us by real users. We’re excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world. 

Michael Fauscette, chief research officer, G2 Crowd.

Plesk wins awards in these four categories

We qualified for 16 index and grid reports. Including Small-Business relationship for VPS, Cloud platform as a service, usability and implementation index, and more. All of Plesk’s ratings come from expert business professionals in the field who mainly highlighted the following qualities:

Plesk G2 Crowd Users Love Us Badge
  1. Ease of Use
  2. Ease of Admin
  3. Quality of Support
  4. Ease of doing business

It means so much to us that we even qualified for the index report, let alone been awarded these great achievements. We’re always belting out that our main goals are customer experience and satisfaction. To see us hitting these targets gives us more motivation to do more of the same, and then some.

Be part of our Pleskian Community

G2 Crowd and Elvis Plesky Community

We want to thank you all for your ongoing support! Meanwhile feel free to leave your own Plesk review on G2 Crowd’s Plesk review page. Or get into our Facebook Community Group where we share help, advice, insights and more among Plesk experts and users. As friends do.

New to Plesk?

Learn more about what real users have to say on G2 Crowd’s Plesk review page. You can drop a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Our team will gladly point you in the right direction. Meanwhile, you can always give our free 2-week trial a spin. See what all the fuss is about!