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SFTP Backup

With this extension, you can easily turn your Linux server into remote storage and use it to store backups via SFTP protocol. The extension is fully integrated with the Plesk backup interface. It supports all operations available in Plesk backups.


  • Creating both full and incremental backups of the whole server as well as particular subscriptions, customers, and resellers.
  • Restoring all data contained in the backup or individual objects (for example, domain configuration, databases, mail, or virtual host content).

Premium features

  • The ability to store scheduled subscriptions’ backups in remote storage is a premium feature. You can purchase it in the Plesk Online Store. The purchase unlocks the ability to use all supported cloud storages.

Important Note

  • Ubuntu is not supported because of the bug #311029
Version 1.2.0
Requires 17.8.11
Developer Plesk
Category Backup

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