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Meet plesk command-line hub (Linux)

Plesk 11.5 introduces s an easier way for Linux server admin to manage and troubleshoot Plesk. That is “plesk command-line hub“. The hub consolidates and shortcuts most of typical operations over Plesk. Lets briefly overview how it can help: 1. call any Plesk tool
plesk bin domain --create
Everything is autocompleted in this example and also no need to type boring ‘/usr/local/psa/bin/‘ prefix 2. open common Plesk configs
plesk conf panel.ini
If pressed ‘tab‘ after ‘conf‘, other config names will be suggested. 3. watch Plesk logs for possible problems
plesk log panel.log
If pressed ‘tab‘ after ‘log‘, other log names will be suggested. With ‘–all‘ key provided all configs will be shown together – easy to grep for something specific. TBD – example from service 4. Get brief overview of current host
plesk version
Product version: 11.6.0 Build date: 2013/04/29 18:00 Build target: CentOS 5 Revision: 320662 Architecture: 32-bit Wrapper version: 1.0 5. Open Plesk database console for troubleshooting
plesk db
or execute a query for scripting and customization
plesk db -e <your sql query>
Surely this tool is for skilled administrator only and shall be used with care. 6. Learn other options
plesk help
The tool is open for further improvement basing on your suggestions – just submit at UPD: A slidecast from our developers

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