Choosing The Right Payment Gateway For Your eCommerce Business – EVO Analysis

The decision to take your store online has many variables: How do I want to market my product to virtual shoppers? What software will I use to build my site? What shipping options do I want to include? How can I manage payment transactions?

Luckily for you, modern software like the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit takes care of almost all of your questions with an easy-to-use store builder and tools. All you need to do is choose the settings that work for your business and brand. Easy peasy!

So while you’re choosing between beautiful themes, product listings, and checkout styles, there is another decision you need to make that can affect your customers’ experience significantly: Which payment gateway is best for my business?

In essence, payment gateways serve to protect your customers’ bank details and securely transfer money from one place to another. If you are selling internationally, this is even more vital. When choosing the most suitable provider, you have to take into account which credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, etc.), which currencies can be configured with it, and what additional charges will be incurred to your users with each transaction.

At Plesk, we aim for maximum security and usability. That’s why in this article, we’re taking a close look at a powerful gateway option: EVO Payments.

EVO Payments Breakdown

Specifically targeted to businesses that function internationally, EVO is designed for multi-channel use and safety. Let’s take a look.


EVO Features and Advantages for eCommerce

  • Direct processor: As a Merchant Acquirer (see more details below), EVO processes payments directly, meaning they create your merchant account and manage credit card processing, offline (EMV, NFC) and online (eCommerce).
  • On-time approval: Unlike many direct processors, EVO allows merchants to create an account online and get approval within 48 hours of signing the contract.
  • Accepts payments in over 130 different currencies, with payout in more than 14 currencies.
  • Card payments: Accepts all major credit cards, and all debit cards.
  • PCI-compliant: the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard verifies that all payments are secure. EVO tools track and refuse fraudulent transactions.
  • Mobile friendly: Secure on any device.
  • Designed for web-based transactions: Ideal for eCommerce.
  • PoS integrations available for combining eCommerce with brick-and-mortar stores.
  • Reporting: Merchants using EVO can access a dashboard that tracks sales and provides reports.
  • International outlook: As a global company, EVO’s reach and scope allows you to expand your eCommerce into other countries easily.

What makes EVO different from competitors?

There are three major types of payment provider available to eCommerce owners: Merchant Acquirers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), and Shop System Providers. EVO is both a Merchant Acquirer and a PSP. Essentially the difference between them is that Merchant Acquirers serve as a kind of bank, accepting payments via agreements with major card networks (like Visa) through a merchant account. PSPs act as a payment processor or gateway, connecting with multiple card acquirers, allowing them to authorize transactions between the merchant and the customer. On the other hand, Shop System Providers offer the technology or platform that integrates multiple PSPs and Merchant Acquirers into an online storefront with additional services.

Let’s see how EVO compares to other Merchant Acquirers, PSPs and Shop System Providers.


EVO vs. Shop System Providers

Popular Shop System Providers include Shopify, Stripe, and Square. They are versatile technology companies that offer a wide range of services and tools for eCommerce owners. Registration tends to be faster as the vetting process is less rigorous than with Merchant Acquirers (seeing as the payment is not processed directly).

However, unlike other Merchant Acquirers, EVO promises a rapid registration process (On-time approval), similar to the PSP standard, but with a more thorough vetting process. The payments and accounts are therefore more secure and reliable, with no added inconvenience to the merchant.

EVO also offers a wider range of tools for omnichannel selling, such as PoS integration and multi-currency support. Traditionally, PSPs mainly provide these types of services.

A major advantage of Merchant Acquirers is that they provide scalable payment solutions. Shop System Providers like Shopify are convenient and easy-to-use for small businesses, but once your online store begins to grow, you’ll need the personalization and pricing offered by B2B focused Acquirers like EVO.


EVO vs. other Merchant Acquirers

As a direct processor of payments, many Merchant Acquirers are subsidiaries of the banks themselves. However, many independent Merchant Acquirers and card processors offer services, such as EVO, CDGcommerce, and eComm365.

These companies have the advantage over PSPs and Shop System Providers on security and stability. As the initial registration process is more detailed and the connection to banks and card networks is direct, downtime and issues like payment rejections are less likely.

As one of the biggest Merchant Acquirers serving customers in the US and worldwide, EVO has an unbeatable international reach that supports many different currencies, languages and cards. This can be a benefit for eCommerce owners hoping to expand to global markets.

Key Takeaways about EVO

When using all-in-one eCommerce tools like the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, most settings can be easily picked out and implemented in moments. But when it comes to payment gateways, it’s worth pausing to consider. To choose the best option for you, bear these key aspects in mind:

  • Security. Your number one priority is keeping your customers’ payment details and personal data safe. EVO’s top notch security can certainly take a huge weight off your mind!
  • Scalability. EVO knows international business, providing growth benefits in various markets.
  • Compatibility. Make sure your eCommerce software runs smoothly with your payment gateway of choice. EVO is integrated in the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, so all you need to do is create an EVO account to sync payments.
  • Omnichannel capabilities. EVO is built for an omnichannel outlook, which means you can sync payments from both your online and offline stores.
  • Pricing. Using EVO with the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, no transaction fees are charged. Payment provider fees are the only cost to be covered by merchants.

Whatever the size and stage of your eCommerce business, EVO is a strong contender for keeping your customers safe and your future sales as flexible as possible. Plus, the affordable deal for Plesk users makes the EVO solution highly valuable for your business.

Set up EVO Payments with the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit

Combining the power of the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit with EVO Payments, you can have your store set-up within a day! For tips and tricks for setting up the store, take a look at this guide.

To sync your EVO account to your store on the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on EVO with the exclusive Plesk deal. You can do this via this link or via the Plesk platform – Enter the ‘Payment’ tab, and activate the EVO Payments toggle. Click ‘Edit’. This will lead you to the EVO sign up page. Once a merchant account is created on the EVO page, approval can take up to one working day.
EVO Payments Plesk eCommerce toolkit

2. Once you have an active account, login via the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit interface (again via the EVO Payments ‘Edit’ tab).

3. Configure your payment options (i.e. shipping costs per location, checkout instructions, etc.) via the ‘Payment’ tab in the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit.

Voila! You’re all set up and ready to start taking payments. Say hello to easy eCommerce transactions, empowering you to focus on providing great products and services for your customers!

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