How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit

COVID-19 has propelled digital commerce to become the leading customer buying channel for many organizations. As countries locked down and retailers were forced to close, eCommerce reached an all-time high of 16.4% of total global retail sales

Huge shifts in consumer behavior have left many businesses, often working in outdated systems and processes, faced with new challenges as they try to capture increased demand. In this dynamic market, end-to-end commerce management is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s essential. Much like how “digital strategy” has moved from the last slide in a pitch deck 10 years ago to becoming the foundation of everything we do today, commerce must now become a core competency for all businesses.

New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Just click and start selling - eCommerce growth graph - Plesk

Introducing the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit

At Plesk, we believe there’s enough to think about when it comes to running a business without trying to become an IT pro at the same time. That’s why we aim to make your online journey easier so that you can focus on doing what you love.

Whether you have a bakehouse now taking orders online, or a handmade bracelet store selling through Instagram and Facebook, eCommerce is not just an option, not an add-on, and not an afterthought; selling online through multiple sales channels is the new norm. And Plesk has just the solution to fit the bill.

So, it’s time to say hello to the new Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, powered by Ecwid, equipped with all the features you’ll ever need to easily reach customers and sell. Providing a highly customizable shopping interface and robust analytics to optimize your sales, our solution is designed to integrate all of your eCommerce tools in a single location.

It even distributes your products to other marketplaces online, opening up more sales opportunities. With this Omnichannel feature, sync your sales outlets to sell online, through social networks, on mobile, or in person.

The Plesk eCommerce extension will automatically sync your important data, like orders and inventory, so you can keep track of your business no matter where you are — and eliminate manual tracking errors. Managing your sales channels is easy and only takes a few clicks in your Plesk eCommerce extension.

Here are some of the cool things that our newest toolkit can offer:

  • Compatible with all major platforms, including social media channels.

  • Quick checkout and abandoned cart recovery.

  • Payment management and multi-currency support.

  • Tax customizable for international payments or business.

  • Complete CSS store design customization.

And much more! Deep dive into the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit

Sell to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Think about something you’ve bought recently. Maybe you were inspired by an Instagram or Facebook post or found a product on Pinterest and followed the link to the website. Later in the day, you might have stopped by the store after work or searched for the product on eBay or Amazon to compare prices.

Your customers make their purchases through a number of different channels too: they shop on websites, social media, in apps, brick and mortar stores, and online marketplaces. As a merchant, this means that whatever you’re selling should be available to your customers in a variety of locations. But how can you be everywhere as a small business?

People often say “you can’t be in two places at once.” Well, here at Plesk we reject that statement. We believe that you can be in all places at once because that’s exactly what our new eCommerce Extension was designed to do.

Our technology unites a bevy of ways to sell online and in person into a single inventory, so you can serve your customers anywhere and everywhere they are from a single dashboard. We’ve made managing multiple sales channels as easy as checking your email. Curious? 

Read on to learn 10 examples out of many about some of the different ways you can sell with the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, then give us a try for yourself!

1. Sell on a Free eCommerce Website

The moment you sign-up with Plesk eCommerce Toolkit, you’ll be given a free one-page website to sell your products. We call it the “Instant Site.” Our Instant Site is designed as a stepping stone and a great way to launch your online presence with minimal cost and effort.

You can customize your Instant Site’s template with your own cover images, text, and information about your business, like your story, testimonials, business hours, address, contact details, and social links. You decide the content, and we’ll automatically format it to look great on your customer’s screen.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Sell on a Free eCommerce Website - Plesk

2. Open a Facebook Store

Selling your products on a website with 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021 sounds awesome, doesn’t it? In fact, the average Plesk merchant with synchronized stores receives 15% of their sales from Facebook. Take your Facebook selling to the next level by opening a Facebook storefront.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Open a Facebook Store 2 - Plesk

If you set up your Facebook store with Plesk, your customers can shop directly from your business page and go through the checkout from any device. Getting your product catalog on Facebook also gives you the opportunity to advertise specific products with powerful marketing tools like Dynamic Ads and the Facebook pixel.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Open a Facebook Store - Plesk

It only takes a few minutes to create a Facebook store, and it’s also a great option as a standalone channel if you haven’t created a website yet. 

3. Sell on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger live chat allows you to connect with your customers on one of the most popular apps, improve customer service, and create a personal connection with your audience. You can answer customers’ questions, help them choose the right size, give advice on how to use your product, or recommend other items based on their needs.

In terms of customer care, Facebook Messenger live chat checks a lot of user-boxes:

With the Plesk eCommerce Extension, you can connect your store to Facebook Messenger and add live chat to your site in just a couple of clicks. Customers will be able to start a chat right from the product pages on your website, while any conversations will be saved in their Facebook Messenger inboxes for later.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Sell on Facebook Messenger - Plesk

4. Sell on Instagram

Instagram is a trendy platform for businesses thanks to its visual format and active audience. But there’s no easy way to convert a follower into an actual paying customer without the use of something called Shoppable Posts. 

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Sell on Instagram - Plesk

This new Instagram feature encourages purchases by allowing users to buy products featured in your posts by tapping a special shopping tag. The user stays on Instagram during checkout and the whole purchase process is completed in just a few clicks.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Sell on Instagram - Plesk

Plesk’s integration with Instagram allows you to connect your product catalog with your Instagram business profile and tag products in your posts (just like you’d tag people) that users can purchase. Take your Instagram feed from eye-candy to eye-catching storefront in minutes.

Tip of the Week

Reach more customers. Earn more revenue! EVO Payments is your partner for all services that make your payment transactions safer, simpler, and more efficient. A team of experienced specialists and an outstanding technical platform provides the foundation for excellent solutions and simple, fast, and secure payment processes.

There are good reasons why EVO has become the exclusive provider of card acceptance solutions for leading financial institutions, such as in the area of Global Transaction Banking (‘GTB’) for Deutsche Bank in Europe and the Postbank, and has repeatedly earned recognition as the top provider for global retailers.

Best of all, with Plesk, you can use all those new payment options without having to pay transaction fees! That’s right, unlike many other platforms, Plesk doesn’t charge any transaction fees, no matter how many sales you make. Instead, you only have to cover the payment provider fees.

Register to accept credit card payments!

5. Sell on Amazon, eBay, or Google Shopping

These giant online marketplaces provide business owners with a large and ready-to-buy audience. While a standalone e-commerce website works great for building your brand, exporting your products to Amazon or eBay is a chance to sell on an already trusted platform with a developed infrastructure.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Sell on Amazon- Plesk

Plesk’s integration with Amazon, eBay, or Google Shopping opens these sales channels to merchants on Business and Unlimited plans. Sell on Google, eBay, and Amazon right from your Store dashboard, set up prices and product titles specifically for these audiences, and keep your inventory synced with your other channels. Test the deepwater of marketplaces without ever leaving your Plesk Extension Control Panel.

6. Add a Storefront to an Existing Website

Maybe you already have a website? If so, it might be time for a commercial touch.

You can add a Plesk store to any existing website whether it’s built on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Weebly, Sitejet, or something else entirely. Even with a custom website, it only takes seconds to plug in a new Plesk store.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Add a Storefront to an Existing Website - Plesk

Your Plesk store will come ready with all the features you need to sell online:

  • A rich storefront: photo gallery, detailed product descriptions, and convenient product options
  • 60+ payment methods including EVO Payments
  • Multiple shipping services with an automated calculator for shipping costs
  • Automated tax calculation
  • Marketing tools like coupons, sale prices, etc.
  • Access the App market with 160+ e-commerce apps and more.


7. Add “Buy Now” Buttons to Your Blog or Webpage

A “Buy Now” Button is a fast and flexible option to sell your products beyond your online storefront.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Add Buy Now Buttons to Your Blog or Webpage - Plesk

You can place a “Buy Now” button on:

  • A landing page
  • A blog
  • A sidebar
  • Your homepage
  • Partner websites

Simply copy and paste the code to any spot on your website (just like embedding a YouTube video). You can customize the look of the “Buy Now” button by adding frames and choosing which fields are displayed (price, quantity, etc.). The color scheme of your smart button will automatically match your website and flow seamlessly with your company branding.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Buy Now buttons on product catalog - Plesk

If you want to create or edit your “Buy Now” button, go to your Control Panel → Catalog → Products. Open the desired product and click on the “Buy Now” button tab. Then copy a piece of code and paste it to any desired page.

8. Turn Your Online Store into a Mobile App

A native mobile app under your brand name is a unique sales channel available in Plesk eCommerce Extension. It’s fully responsive and works on every mobile device. With an app, your customers will always have your store right in their pockets, perfect for the quickly growing market of mobile shoppers.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Turn Your Online Store into a Mobile App - Plesk

Having your mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play brings your business closer to your customers than ever before. Request your app today and have it ready in two to three weeks.

9. Sell In Person

Over 50% of your customers expect you to sell both online and offline — maximize your revenue opportunities by creating both an online store and physical points of sale.

With Plesk eCommerce Extension, it’s convenient to sell your products on the go: at craft fairs, marketplaces, or even a pop-up store. Accept cash and update your sales list using the Mobile app for iOS and Android.

How to Start Selling Online with the New Plesk eCommerce Toolkit - Payment methods POS - Plesk

Or make things even easier when you accept credit cards with one of our POS integrations (available in the Sell-on-the-Go app for iOS):

  • Square POS
  • PayPal Here

If you want to try another point-of-sale system for selling in-person, we’re also integrated with Vend, Clover, and Alice POS.

10. Manage Your Sales from Anywhere

No matter how many sales channels you use, managing your store with Plesk eCommerce Extension is always fast and easy. For convenient access to your Control Panel from anywhere, download the mobile app for iOS and Android to manage your orders and inventory, upload product pictures from your smartphone, launch and control special offers, and much more.

Omnichannel shopping is more than another trend: it’s the present and future of the retail industry. It comes down to understanding where and how your customers like to shop and providing them with a seamless shopping experience that gives them access to your products at the right time and through the right channels.

Sign-up today and start serving your customers better with a new omnichannel strategy.

Happy selling!


  1. What about courrier delivery tracking e.g in shipping mode ?

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