7 uses of chat support software and a live chat solution by Reve Chat

Technology has made doing business easier. Opening new streams of communication between businesses and users. But customer preferences are changing with time – they want faster query resolution. So with this, customer-centric businesses, like REVE Chat users, started moving away from traditional phone and email support to providing real-time assistance via a Live Chat solution.

Because of features like voice call, video chat, and co-browsing, making your website feel ‘alive’, customers adapted to live chat. So much so that 44% of online consumers prefer a live person answering questions during an online purchase. And say it’s one of the most important features a website can offer.

Yet there are a lot of businesses that don’t know how a Live Chat solution can help increase sales and provide better customer support. Let’s now discuss just how this happens.

1. Real-Time Chat Support Software simplifies eLearning

As technology advanced, classrooms appeared online. This is soaring fast and is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 7.5%. You can have eLearning at your own pace with recorded sessions. But you can also have real-time interactions for a more efficient student-mentor session.

REVE chat - possible usage ways

What cases require real-time interactions in the eLearning space?

  • When the mentor needs to explain some concepts which a student can’t understand on chat, a voice/video chat session can make it easier.
  • Maybe a teacher needs to access the student’s computer during a software or process session to show them how it works. This can be done by co-browsing.

2. Combining eCommerce with Chat Support Software

eCommerce business has been growing at a great pace from past few years. In 2017, retail e-commerce sales amounted to $2.3 Trillion worldwide. As the preference of the people is shifting towards eCommerce, many players have entered into the market and are trying to get the share.

This has increased a lot of competition; hence companies are trying new ways to close the commerce sales. They are trying to communicate with the customers in real-time to make the interaction better.

  • While a website visitor is on the product detail page, a live chat agent can initiate the chat asking if the user is having any doubt. This helps in converting the visitor into a customer.
  • In a B2B business website; when a user’s browsing through your features page, your agent can initiate the chat and convert the visitor into a customer.
  • When a website visitor is browsing through the support page of your website, a live chat agent, using REVE Chat for example, can help solve their query.

3. Hospitality (Chat Support Software for Tours and Travel)

Hospitality industry has benefited greatly from technology advancement. It made it some much easier for travelers and tourists. The hotel industry continues a run of strong performance and is projected to sustain strong 5–6% growth throughout 2018.

Plesk and REVE Chat - example of hospitality with a live chat solution

By providing real-time interaction on their site, a hotel provides a seamless customer experience. For example:

  • While booking a hotel room, customer can be assisted by a live chat agent by solving all his queries in real-time.
  • If a person needs to cancel the booking, it can be done using live chat or voice chat without making him go into any extra hassle.

4. A Live Chat Solution for Personal Consultations

Think of all the business where someone may need a personal consultation. Online counseling, associates, and medical consultations are a few. These businesses have always been there offering a personal touch – but now they’re online. And it’s in these types of businesses that communication between two people has to be real-time as much as possible.

Plesk and REVE Chat - example of counseling with a live chat solution

Examples where a live chat solution like REVE Chat comes into play in these kinds of companies

  • You can have online counseling using voice/video chat, where it’s easier to make the person understand what you mean, rather than via chat.
  • While understanding the case of the customer, it may become important for a doctor to examine the issue. You can achieved this with a video chat.
  • When explaining something technical to a customer, like law and legal issues, chat and email may be insufficient. Voice chat would make it smoother.

5. Premium Banking and Finance with Chat Support Software

While all other businesses have come online, banking has created its own space. Making the financial transactions easy for customers, a bank has helped a lot of customers by coming online. Banks are also selling few services like insurance, mutual funds online, but customers always tend to ask questions in things they don’t understand.

  • A live chat agent can help a customer in deciding that which policy would be better.
  • A video chat agent can make a customer understand about various aspects like NPV, debt fund, growth fund etc. while showing him the actual figures.
  • A voice chat agent can help a customer in making a claim of a policy from website thereby giving him better customer experience.

6. HR and Recruitment: Chat support software on web apps and portals

This domain has adapted technology long back and has been using it to increase employee engagement. But they have also started using technology in recruitment processes. How?

  • If a person wants to give interview, they’d need to log in to the company website using a username and password. Once in, they can conduct the interview using video call on-site. It also automatically becomes more inclusive to candidates who live abroad and so will also save the organization money.
  • While giving an interview, if a candidate wants to show his coding skills he can do so with co-browsing. This shares the screen and takes control of the laptop.

7. Use a live chat solution like REVE Chat to integrate CRM and generate leads

Today, real-time communication on websites via chat support software is becoming necessary for all businesses. And with ever-changing customer preferences, a business will have to move from phone and email support to live chat exclusively.

Apart from the industries mentioned above, having a live chat solution is also helping a lot of industries to generate leads from their website. Live chat solution providers have gone a step further by integrating their live chat solution with CRM. This integration allows agents to transfer leads into their CRM with specific details, and hence giving a background to sales.

One excellent solution is REVE Chat

Have a look at what REVE Chat extension  has to offer and see how you can benefit your business. The Plesk integration is seamless and you may never look back.

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  1. Excellent work, Live chatting helps to speed up customer service and positively impact the sales.

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