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Why have a Live Chat Tool?

In the fast-paced live customer support environment, efficient use of time is key, both for happy customers and professional management. Traditionally, interaction between support agents and customers has been restricted to one-on-one support via phone and email. Live chat for customer support has now become the alternative that today’s multitasking and net savvy generation is looking for.

It offers quick response in real-time and higher customer satisfaction, which can generate more conversions. In the era of automated customer assistance systems, the chance to chat with a person in real-time through your website is a distinct feature. Now just like a salesperson in a shop, you can talk to your website visitors in real-time.

What is REVE Chat?

REVE Chat is a multi-channel, cloud-based, live chat software. It gives your website visitors immediate assistance for better customer service and boosted sales conversions. Businesses can instantly engage with their customers across various channels. Such as Website live chat, Voice/ Video Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Mobile apps (Android, iOS) using a single platform.

REVEChat also has advanced features to personalize every customer interaction across many different channels. Such as Screen-sharing & Co-browsing, Department Management, Auto Triggers, Visitor Analytics, Queuing, fully-customizable chat banner and more.

Key Features

Voice/ Video Chat

Talk to your customers using voice or video chat right inside your web or mobile apps with click-to-call.

Screen sharing & Co-browsing

Provide instant support for your customers in real-time with screen-sharing and co-browsing.

Facebook Messenger Integration

Chat with your Facebook customers using REVE Chat from a single dashboard.

Viber Messaging

Chat with your customers on Viber using your public account from a single REVE Chat dashboard.

Real-time Visitor Analytics

Improve user experience and personalize every interaction by getting real-time insights into your customers:

  • Location
  • History
  • IP address
  • Referral source
Department Management

Improve customers’ response-time by routing your customer queries to the right department.

Auto Triggers

Send automatic invitations to your website visitors based on certain times, ULR or locations.

Chat Monitoring

Monitor your agent performance and responses in real-time to provide more appropriate answers to your customers’ queries.


Manage your customers’ expectations effectively by giving them the expected waiting time when your agents are busy with other customers.

Why is Reve Chat the best choice?

✓     Get complete overview and insights into your customer interactions across multiple channels
✓     Offer your visitors instant assistance to avoid frustration and increase sales conversions
✓     You’ll reduce service costs by managing many customers at the same time
✓     Receive valuable customer feedback after every chat session to improve service quality
✓     Work with a mobile-optimized dashboard, innovative features, and a user-friendly interface
✓     Get 24×7 live chat support from trained experts at ReveChat

REVE Chat Usage Support

Need assistance? Chat with our customer advocates on Reve Chat or email [email protected]. But in the meantime, here are some tips.

Agent Management

Keep track of your agents from the dashboard with this special agent management feature. Here you can add your agents and see all their details like status, last login time, total number of assigned, concurrent chats and so on. All in real-time, which will help you manage your support service more efficiently.

Configuring a Chat Operator

After logging in to your REVE Chat dashboard, click ‘Agent Management’. And you’ll get this information:

  • List of your agent names
  • Roles assigned to each agent
  • Your agents’ email addresses
  • Your agents’ phone numbers
  • Your agents’ status – online or offline
  • All agents’ last login time
  • Total number of concurrent chats assigned to each agent
Agent Creation

Follow these steps:

  • Login to your REVE Chat dashboard
  • Click on ‘Agent Management’
  • To add your agent, click on ‘Create Agent’
  • After, you need to fill a form with the email address, password, role, total number of concurrent chats you want to assign to that agent, the agent’s first and last name, designation and contact number.
  • Then click ‘Submit’
Chat Conversation

In the conversation box, agents can directly engage with visitors. Each message is accompanied by the name of the person who sent that message and a time-stamp, so you can easily follow the conversation.

Engaged Visitors

In the top left side corner of the panel, the Chat operator can see all his ongoing chats.

Online Agents

Chat operators can chat with other operators from the same Chat Window. At the left corner, there is a menu called Online Agents. In that menu, all the logged-in operators’ names will be shown. By clicking one operator name, you can start a conversation with them.

New Chat Request

Agents can see new chat requests from website visitors on the left-hand corner of their dashboard.

The Chat Panel

This is the central point for running conversations. Agents type from the messaging field and share files by clicking “attach file”. There are some other fields in the chat panel too:

  • History: Agents can see all previous chat conversations of particular visitors.
  • Chat Transfer: Agents can easily transfer a chat to another agent. This transfer chat option is available in the chat window itself. Agents can click on it and select to whom they want to transfer the chat. The new chat agent can take over the current live chat conversation without breaking the chat session
  • Visitor Info: Agents can see real-time visitor information. It helps you track the website visitor’s country, city, appropriate location, IP address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), total time spent on your website, and referral website.
  • Map: During the chat session, the chat operator can see the visitors’ real-time location map.
Online Visitors

In the online visitor list, agents can see all the web visitors who are currently viewing your websites. You can see their current viewing page, city name and visiting time. Besides, you can also send a proactive chat request to the visitor to know whether they need any help.

Queued Visitors

The Queued Visitor list will show you who are the visitors still waiting for a Live Chat. It informs your visitors of their waiting time in the chat queue and sets accurate response time expectations.

Monitoring Panel

Admins can monitor which agents are chatting and the detailed chat conversations between your website visitors and agents in real-time. You can also whisper to the agent if they give any wrong information. Here is where you can monitor the chat conversation between agents and visitors and among your agents.

REVE Chat is easy to install and use. So add this customizable ReveChat widget to your business site in order to start getting sales conversions and higher customer satisfaction rates.

REVE Chat Pricing

Features Basic Standard Advanced
General (per domain)
     Number of agents 1 3 5
     Total monthly chats 30 Unlimited Unlimited
     Concurrent chats 1 5 Unlimited
     Chat history 7 days Unlimited Unlimited
     Basic Customization Yes Yes Yes
     Live Chat Yes Yes No
     Voice & Video Chat No No Yes
     Facebook Messaging No Yes Yes
     Viber Messaging No No Yes
     Mobile SDK No No Yes
     Developer API No No Yes
Advanced Features
     Chat & Monitoring No Yes Yes
     Auto Triggers No 3 Unlimited
     Department Management No 3 Unlimited
     Advanced Routing No Yes Yes
     Proactive Chat No Yes Yes
     Canned Responses No Yes Yes
     Queuing No No Yes
     Inter-agent Chat No Yes Yes
     File Transfer No Yes Yes
     Chat Transfer No Yes Yes
     Visual and Sound Alerts No Yes Yes
     Email Chat Transcript No Yes Yes
     Print Chat Transcript No Yes Yes
     Multiple Website Integration No Unlimited Unlimited
     Pre-Chat Forms No Yes Yes
     Post-Chat Forms No Yes Yes
     Chat Button Customization No Yes Yes
     Custom Development No No Yes
Analytics & Reporting
     Basic Reporting No Yes Yes
     Advanced Reporting No No Yes
     Agent Ratings No Yes Yes
     Visitor Anlytics No Yes Yes
     Enterprise Reporting No No No
     Offline Chat No Yes Yes
     256 bit SSL Encryption No Yes Yes
     IP Banning No Yes Yes
     Dedicated Account Manager No No No
     24×7 Live Chat Support No Yes Yes
     Setup Assistance No Yes Yes
     Email Support No Yes Yes
     Phone Support No No Yes
Requires Plesk 17 and up
Developer REVE Chat
Category  Web Apps & Site Editing
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