Plesk 12.0 and Plesk 12.5 reach EOL

Plesk has discontinued support for Plesk 12.0 and Plesk 12.5.

According to the Plesk lifecycle policy, Plesk 12.x versions have reached EOL on January 1, 2019. Starting from this date, Plesk 12.x versions will no longer be actively developed and technical support requests for Plesk 12.x will no longer be accepted.

If you are running Plesk 12.0 or Plesk 12.5, we recommend that you upgrade your Plesk server to the latest stable Plesk Onyx 17.8 version.


  1. Will you give your old customers a discount on the purchase of a new version? If so, how much will the new version cost for old customers?

  2. Nice one, it has served us well.

  3. How much more disk space will the change to Onyx be? I ask because my VPS does not have a lot of free disk space and I just want to make sure the upgrade will not make my VPS unstable.

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