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How to customize Plesk Online Help

Sometimes the one may want to redefine Plesk Online Help with something else. Here is a brief guide how to do that The easiest would be to download a copy of existing Plesk documentation pool and modify its contents. i.e. you could simply download recursively every document referenced from documentation page. Then put it into […]

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How Plesk 11.5 solves Email Users problem

Since Plesk 10.0 and prior to Plesk 11.5 email user management has become greatly complicated by the need to operate through User account. While Users concept gave more power and flexibility, we recognised the simplicity of basic functions is equally important. So in Plesk 11.5 the one can still utilize “Users” to delegate some web mastering functions, […]

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Meet plesk command-line hub (Linux)

Plesk 11.5 introduces s an easier way for Linux server admin to manage and troubleshoot Plesk. That is “plesk command-line hub“. The hub consolidates and shortcuts most of typical operations over Plesk. Lets briefly overview how it can help:

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