After WordCamp US 2022

Earlier this month, after three days of Rock & Roll and WordPress brawls, the highly anticipated 2022 edition of WordCamp US, this time set in sunny San Diego, came to a warm and fruitful conclusion.

And oh, boy, was it a joy!

First, a big thank you goes out to the WordPress community and its army of individuals that came flocking down to San Diego earlier this month. 

Of course, for those who were there, Hello again, and congratulations on acquiring another memory you are unlikely to forget. For those who couldn’t make it, stay put; we’ve got you covered right here.

Wait, WordWhat? WordCamp!

The camp with a digital stamp, WordCamp, has been with us since 2006, the year in which Matt Mullenweg – now CEO of Automattic – first organized the event in a little Seatown called San Francisco.

Fast forward to today and we find ourselves in sunny San Diego for WCUS 2022.

Matt and Joerg stealing the show


Hot from the press, as always, we bring you the juicy bits from the floor, delivering WordPress telltales from the backrooms of the world straight into your home. Have no fears; nothing went beyond our ears. But where to start with this little recap?

Ah yes: WordCamp US, what a success! Indeed, things were looking smooth from the floor to the booth.

Local WordPress communities from around the world came home to San Diego to discuss how to best Build, Run and Secure a WordPress site. And luckily for us here at WebPros, we’ve got that stuff covered from end to end. Indeed, we’ve been discussing WordPress since early 2000, that year when U2 declared it was a Beautiful Day.

Earlier this year, we flew to Porto for the latest edition of WordCamp Europe. This time around, with the United States on the menu, the event took place in the Town and Country resort on the West Coast in San Diego.

WCUS organizer


WCUS offered our partners and WordPress enthusiasts from around the world the opportunity to meet friends and peers, listen to inspiring speakers by industry leaders, and connect with experts on the floor, at the booth, or under the sun. In doing so, WCUS brought together a variety of tech gurus, from WordPress developers to agency owners, content managers, and community contributors and enthusiasts of all colors.

This year, we saw a lot of diversity on the floor: Web agencies, such as Krisha Web and Creating Digital, hosters like Hostinger, Convensio, and Strattic (recently acquired by Elementor), SEO consultants like The Blogsmith, and App builders such as AppPresser, were all at the party, to name a few.

WebPros at WordCamp US

At WCUS, we’ve set out to meet the WordPress community and bring our innovative technologies and solutions to the foreground while staying up-to-date with the latest WordPress trends, fresh from the floor.

WebPros aims to offer a digital presence for everyone by delivering the most innovative technologies to enable the digital world. Our products help manage servers, websites, billing, and online marketing. 

We bring together products and solutions to assist businesses in building, operating, and growing their digital footprint.

WP Toolkit on the block

No longer the new kid on the block, the WP Toolkit offers a diverse and extensive package of support tools from a single provider and point of control. Thus, truly making it the only toolkit you’ll ever need.

Our feature-rich toolkit enables users to embrace the most complete, secure, and versatile WordPress experience. With one click, you can easily Stage, Clone, Sync, Update, Migrate, or perform other complex tasks to become risk-free entirely.

With the WP Toolkit, WebPros aims to make the internet a safer place for all. Therefore, besides being able to cut out complexity and embrace a simplified WordPress experience, the WP Toolkit has introduced the Site Vulnerability Scan, an automated scan based on the vulnerability database provided by our friendly partners at Patchstack.

With cybercrime up to 600% since the unfortunate introduction of COVID-19, the Site Vulnerability Scan is a welcome addition to the WP Toolkit. We meticulously analyze plugins, themes, or WordPress sites for known vulnerabilities every hour.

Once a threat is detected, the WP Toolkit marks the vulnerability in the interface, alerting and allowing the site administrator to take the necessary actions going forward.


To learn more about Patchstack and our latest security features, we invite you to read the previous blog post on WordPress Security and why today it is more important than ever.

As we are curious and eager to aim for the best, we continue to add features and improvements to the WP Toolkit with every new release. The upcoming release will introduce Smart PHP Updates, and provide public access to WP Toolkit REST API for the first time! For the latest changes you can stay tuned here on the Plesk blog.

360 Monitoring on the floor

Sharing the spotlight with the almighty WP Toolkit is our state-of-the-art 360 Monitoring solution.

360 monitoring enables developers to build the next great thing, offering a comprehensive, panel-agnostic monitoring solution. Designed for multi-server and multi-site management monitoring, 360 Monitoring empowers developers to keep track of sites and servers with ease.

360 Monitoring Plesk blog

The ideal uptime solution, 360 Monitoring comes with configurable dashboards, custom plugins, and plans designed for all businesses, big and small. Unnoticed downtimes belong to the past. Check the DNS time, SSL validity, keywords, and much more.

Today, those who are looking to improve their online presence and performance can well benefit from a comprehensive site and server tracking system. This is why we have developed the Full Site Check feature.

Full Site Check enables 360 Monitoring to keep an eye on each individual functionality in order to identify errors and prevent downtimes. Made to crawl whole web projects and find dead links, broken images, JavaScript errors, and many more anomalies, the Full Site Check feature avoids website issues from the start.

360 Monitoring is also perfect for agencies and hosters, such as, a team that’s more actively removing malware to fix client websites’ security issues, and much more.

With DigitalOcean announcing the general availability of Add-Ons, we are excited to have 360 Monitoring on the Marketplace, where our monitoring solution can serve to keep businesses and operations safe.

Now available for both Linux and Windows, you can Read on for more information on the latest 360 Monitoring features and New Pricing plans.

Stay tuned!

With WCUS and WCEU now gold and old behind us, we look forward to a new year of events and opportunities to share with you all. Once again, a sincere thank you goes out to the WordPress community from the entire WebPros team. 

Time and time again, it is a pleasure to connect with you. As always, stay tuned for more WordPress shenanigans here together with WebPros: cPanel, Plesk and WHMCS.

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