WP Toolkit 5.12 Release Now Available

We are excited to announce that the WP Toolkit 5.12 release is now available for all Plesk users. 

With this release, we introduce a series of changes while setting the stage for the upcoming WP Toolkit 6.0 release. So without further delay, let’s have a look at what’s new for you. 

New Security Measures

The first change is a request that comes straight from the community. That’s right, we have added a new security measure to the Security Measures tab.

With this new measure, we have been able to disable WordPress XML-RPC. Doing so prevents attacks that could have exploited this particular WordPress interface. More specifically, the new security measure blocks all incoming requests to the xmlrpc.php file.

This measure is entirely optional, and users are welcome to enable it whenever they choose fit.

New Security Measures

Dynamic List integration

Another community request now well addressed is the new option to place a link to WP Toolkit straight in the header of the Dynamic List items. 

This can be done by simply following the new icon, which is shown only once there is an actual WordPress site installed on a particular domain. Clicking this will take users to the specific WordPress site within the WP Toolkit.

Dynamic List integration

ARM Support

The Plesk WP Toolkit is now fully operational on ARM64 architecture, available for Plesk Ubuntu 20 servers. Furthermore, we are excited to continue to support ARM64 with new Operating Systems to follow next.

If you are curious to discover more about ARM architecture in general, feel free to have a look at our trends review on, The Rise of ARM Architecture, it might be the right solution for you.

Bugfixes and Improvements

Several minor improvements and customer bug fixes have also been addressed with the WP Toolkit 5.12 release. What stands out in particular are the following improvements: 

  • Auto-update tasks now works much faster in the case when there are quarantined installations present on the sever.
  • The WP Toolkit will no longer affect the front size of all WHM/cPanel page content.

Upcoming Changes

The next release will be a big one, the long awaited WP Toolkit 6.0.

With the following release, we will introduce Smart PHP Updates, and provide public access to WP Toolkit REST API for the very first time! And of course, many additional changes and improvements will be implemented as we continue to aim for the best.

How are we doing? At Plesk we are always happy to hear your feedback at [email protected] or in the comments section below. Until next time.

One comment

  1. Thanks. I didn’t like that WP Toolkit was affecing size of my page content, so I’m glad, it has changed.

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