Your Top 10 CDN Service Guide 2019

What’s the most important service you offer your customers? Your visitors’ experience relies heavily on your website’s performance. So you need to focus on not losing customers because of speed issues. The best way to combat this is with a CDN Service. This should firstly make your websites run as fast as possible, but also give your business the tools it needs. Take a couple of minutes to check our CDN Service Guide and choose the one that fits you best.

What’s a CDN Service?

What is CDN Service?

A Content Delivery Network is a distributed and optimized server platform whose final goal is to serve customers as fast as possible. With CDN, you don’t need to duplicate a website in hundreds of servers. Because it uses caching to store data locally and speed up different deliveries of both static or dynamic content.

Having a speedy site grows your brand and business. Moreover, it improves your online presence, Search Engine rankings and reduces bounce rates. Undoubtedly a well-sought after feature in the age of mobile phones.

Choosing the Best CDN Service for you

Before choosing a CDN service for your business, there are four main features to think about – Price, Cloud, Content and WordPress. We’re giving our top picks for each business benefit. There will be a CDN hosting service for that satisfies your business priority.

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If you look for the price-to-performance option, then consider Bluehost, a well-known brand with easy setup and a free domain for one year. InterServer is a good choice too, optimizing performance at five different levels of your environment, thanks to its automatic caching and CDN service.

Cloud CDN Hosting

The cloud hosting servers can all be in the same data center, while the CDN Service is processing user requests for nearby audiences around the world. For Cloud CDN Hosting, consider Liquid Web and SiteGround. Liquid Web gives users 24/7 support and access to the Cloudflare CDN, amongst other benefits. Whereas SiteGround, although a touch more expensive, gives VIP support and free CDN.

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Content: Video, Image and Audio

The weight of videos, images and audio content on websites has been a constant problem for web hosting services. If your business displays such content, you’ll probably need a CDN server to allow customers quick access from nearby locations. It also helps to stay healthy on huge traffic seasons. So here are a few CDN hosters you can look into.

  • CloudFlare can reduce files size, then detect the users’ browser type and optimize the content for each one. You’ll find CloudFlare servers in 81 countries.
  • StackPath is another good option to make websites faster and give more caching control. But location may be an issue with servers in only in 16 countries.
  • KeyCDN and its Company plugin compresses images and covers video streaming and distribution. It works for any small business thanks to its pay-as-you-go format.
  • Last but not least, Incapsula CDN Despite not having a video streaming platform yet, it has 50% faster delivery than competitors and includes smart caching.
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The Best CDN Hosting Service for WordPress

The more popular your website, the more attacks and threats you’ll receive. The best CDN Hosting Service you can have will include additional security and monitoring features that protect your WordPress website.

  • A2 Hosting is a great choice for WordPress users because it provides plugins that are optimized for performance and security, plus 24/7 support.
  • HostPapa provides intrusion detection and great support for all WordPress plugins. This is your choice if you want to optimize all your WordPress hosting features.

Want a free CDN service for your WordPress?
Discover the free, quality WordPress CDNs that help deliver your visitors’ quick-loading pages and video streaming – with zero hiccups.

Which CDN Hosting Service best fits your business? Share in the comments.


  1. CDN is very much important for any website who provided information through its website and faster the content delivery to users better the engagement of users on the website.

  2. I use BunnyCDN since a year, before that i used KeyCDN. BunnyCDN is much cheaper. I can recommend it.

  3. I must say siteground is one of my favorites

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