Welcoming Team Koala to the WebPros Family

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The WebPros Group, built to provide the best variety of solutions for web professionals worldwide, is expanding its portfolio of software offerings and welcoming new teams and projects to the family. So who’s our newest member?

Say hello to Team Koala

Meet Team Koala, home of monitoring softwares LeanKoala and Koality.io. Created by Nils and Stefanie Langner, the performance-tracking project caters to large enterprises as well as small to medium sized businesses who usually have a limited capacity for advanced softwares. With a dashboard that keeps track of uptime, security, and even SEO rankings, both small and big teams are taken care of!

These two made-in-Germany SaaS solutions focus on securing online shops and websites against problems, falling sales, technical errors, and much more by providing state-of-the-art website health monitoring.

Since 2017, the Koala team has been aiming to provide the very best monitoring and testing service for all types of website owners, from agencies to publishers. While Leankoala focuses on enterprise level businesses, Koality.io was created to provide a solution for small businesses. So there’s something for everyone! Over time, they realized that they could be even more than that.

Having developed their two flagship products, Team Koala decided that it was time to venture outside of their home country of Germany and grow their reach. This is where WebPros comes in. Partnering up in 2021 with the global giants of the industry, such as Plesk, cPanel and WHMCS, the two software products of Leankoala and Koality.io are now set to conquer the world!

What’s next for Team Koala?

WebPros and its members are constantly innovating and collaborating to create the best, most efficient solutions. With this newest acquisition, both customer sets can expect product integrations and improved user experience across the brands.

In terms of specifics, hosting platforms Plesk and cPanel are looking forward to integration of the Koala monitoring tools. As for the current community of the two Koala brands, service will continue as normal for the time being! You’ll just have to watch this blog and the newsletters of the WebPros companies for news and updates!